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You're coming out of guy for no reason this is the basketball show this is about basketball fremont came out headed phenomenal game in the nba playoffs let's talk about that instead of him getting punched in the face just because chuck barkley doesn't like chuck hero famer i mean just because you didn't win a championship there's a lot of those guys like that and they have to understand that there's a lot of guys chuck never one will two championship brings with the pistons and never got off the bench there's a lot of guys they get championship rings that don't get off the bench guys it never get one that are great ballplayers that's just the way it rolls barry bonds didn't win once baseball a little different but yeah no you're right and and draymond green after the game i thought gave a pretty darn good answer to it and dream on one never wanted to mince words in to fairmont a guy who who said no bs guy right you come on you say something to him he says step back it up this is this is why i like shaquille o'neal as a player he called me entire organization the sacramento queens and then he went out and he dropped forty on them in the postseason right every year he come up dominate he would talk trash and then he'd go back it up now we're in this generation where people love to spout off and talk about what they feel and they don't have to back it up most ever three calls him out on this just that's what's going on in basketball and baseball too you see a lot of that in the american league they hide behind you know the d h and stuff like that rick mahorn did it with the bulls he called the whole organization out and then he went and fought the whole organization right on the court so here's draymond green after the ball game he says put your money where your mouth is man it doesn't bother him at you're not gonna get undertray draymond skin same stuff to him like this he's the best trash talker probably in the the league today this isn't going to get under his skin but they say something like this is just like come on man here's dream on after the game on chuck put your money where your mouth is if you want to punch.

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