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To learn how to actually run a business properly and not try and do everthing myself but phosphoric couple of years that unfortunately the damage on my lower spine had already been down by sitting down for those fifteen sixty nowadays for three or four years is i built business and zone i picked up my son charles at the time was probably won't for years old or whatever and i picked him up and so the he'd like to do the superman thing and as i'm flying him around miliver room i felt this click in my back and i literally dropped to my knees in pine anz i had fundamentally blown my l five s one disc it a completely herniated from out between the two vertebrae and was machete seeing its way of the only words he used machettes its way into my sciatic nerve and i felt this pain of just like it was as if somebody was running a knife tit down the hall of my right leg right the way down on my big and i was rushed to hospital anza was put on morphine and they did an mri and they realized the you know it was pretty much donald is going to half of the operation but the damage is already being done it wasn't the fact the obvious picking up my son did it it was the it was it was compressing that this for years of sitting down so now i actually low on sat for their sins of you i now i'm actually standing up for eighty five percent of my work day off i think you'll standing up right now at my right i got to i i have two standing desks you're my office they got worth yeah yeah so i this this desk at she goes up and down it yellow those sexy kind of i got out of this list.

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