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The price. Said ad in Christ Dr Sal can use. To Manhattan from Brooklyn don't ask. Her what she thinks do you? Really want to know I really I really can't say disgusted really is causing us. More porous this I. Mean it. Doesn't make sense when. When's it gonna stop for us an Anthony which is working to pay off their at the fourteenth street subway stop, on sixth avenue. Bob Brown WABC news driver apparently delivering Chinese food shot and killed in Paterson victim shot just after one AM. On east thirty fourth street female passenger says the gunman shot the driver in the face and fled. On foot comes described the suspect as a black male six feet approximately one hundred ninety pounds with short black hair a. Woman's body washed. Up, on the rocks about five hundred feet, from Trump golf links at ferry point. In drugs neck investigators were on the scene overnight police say the body was badly. Decomposed the medical examiner will determine the cause, of death to New Jersey radio, host kicked off the air. After calling the nation's first seek attorney general quote turban. Men Verbier grew tweeting today but it's not. The first indignity he's faced and. Probably won't be the last w.? Cakes WFAN Host Dennis Malloy, and Judi Franco made the comments while discussing recent order to suspend marijuana prosecutions in the state station saying in a, tweet that it's suspended the pair indefinitely. And, was investigating the matter the White. House is facing fierce criticism in the media after a CNN reporter. Was barred from attending an open press event. At the White House after asking questions, at a. Pool spray event with, President Trump counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway sign I'm just more broadly civility that you all Sometimes when you're in your broadcasting start here at the White House to. Show a little bit more. Respect the answer questions all. Day long depressing homes pharmacy redo the president has many of you tell us privately most. Accessible transparent available presidents and you've ever w ABC.

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