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Today get your pin and your no so you can take some notes because we are spilling tea with sex and relationship. Coach are syria aka the pussy. Ferry i just want to first of all. Thank you so much for joining me today to talk about a topic that i feel. Most women feel embarrassed to talk about is one of those things. We're all doing yet. No one wants to really talk about it. So i am honored to have you here to really bring back some empowerment for women to talk about their sexuality and embrace it in a way that is empowering to them. Oh thank you so much for that introduction. I am so excited to be here and talk about all the juicy things with your listeners. Yes we are definitely ready to hear all the juicy things sex with the topic so taboo people you know shun from it or they wanna hear all about it topic. Yes but i tell us a little bit about yourself. Yes is so. My name is as aria. And again i am a sex relationship coach. I work with moms. Were couples. I work with women around finding more pleasure in and out of the bedroom and religious reigniting spark that excitement bad leg mo-jo back in to their life into their bedrooms into the relationships like all the good stuff. Yeah so what led you to your journey like how did that transition. So i've always been very curious even museum child. I was just really curious about bodies curious about 'hogra thing worked and so i was one of those kids that always asked parents awkward questions and just directed to books in the library so i had a really kind of like factual upbringing around sex and relationships in bodies. And i'm really really really grateful for that. So i had a very healthy relationship with sexuality with my body growing up but unfortunately i did experienced sexual abuse and that really brought me to feel so disconnected from my relationships so disconnected from my own body so disconnected from saks. And i really felt like. I wanted to be able to feel good again in my relationships to form healthy relationships to form a like to be really really excited and feel good about the sexual choices that i was making to thrive in the bedroom. Like not only just participating in stocks just because my partner wanted it or feeling like sex was just like not really that exciting. I wanted to feel freaking amazing. And so my sexual healing journey early it you know. It's it's a long long journey but ailing so empowered on the other side and feeling so incredibly grateful for all of these tools that i learned along the way. I'm so cash about sharing all the incredible things that i've learned and especially just finding ways to feel like you're thriving in the bedroom not just like having regular sex that you're like in not really that excited about it like there. There is so much more to tax. There's so much more to relationships. And i'm just so fired up about sharing that with the world. Yes i like the fact that you said you had upbringing. That allowed you to to look up information. My upbringing was not the same. Like i remember my mom's sitting on my bed trying to tell me about the birds and the bees and.

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