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What froggy does in Gray structure? Oh Law I know the King God. These raw to not king will ask to the other. Frogs heard them complain and laughed at the Grumpy Group. But the spirit heard it as well. She had given them what they'd asked for the leader they needed but apparently it wasn't enough for them. Oh Hey her. Voice said coming from the water itself to talk to the old bullfrog and his friends. You a charge. Yes we do you get those lazy laugh. Absolutely you see that is wrong. Yes please yes okay. Who suddenly there was a dark shadow. Cast over the grumpy group of frogs. What's that one asked way up in the air? The shadow grew larger as whatever it was approached from the sky. It's our new king said the bullfrog. The spirit has brought us the king. We deserve. He didn't know how right he was a second later. The shadow landed before them and spread. Its wings it wasn't a king but a bird a massive crane with an elegant neck and along hungry beak one of the grumpy frogs hopped up to it and bowed low. Greetings my Liege. The crane squawked bent down and swallowed the frog whole oh ono cried the bullfrog. The crane turned and let out a cry. That sounded like a t rex roar to the poor little frogs. It launched forward and gobbled up another of the group before the rest scattered in every direction. Run they cried everyone run. The crane darted among them swallowing grumpy group of frogs. One by one until only the bullfrog was left. He managed to jump inside the floating log. The spirit had sent and wedged way in the back. Go Away he shouted. Don't eat me. The bird balked and bore its beacon further snapping bear inches from the bullfrogs Saggy Lips. Stop Stall Up. He cried and then the water next to him formed a face. Oh this one. The spirit asked even as the crane screened and pecked harder ripping free a piece of old wood and nearly biting the bullfrog into it. In this one no please. The bullfrog whimpered pressing his bulky body into the water trying to the screaming crane beak as it snapped at him over and over but strong. Dare Shoe schlaize. He saw the crane finally smashed in and grabbed the bullfrog in its beak. No he cried. No WE DON'T EAT. King we don't need okay. The crane vanished in a puff of smoke and all the frogs it had gobbled reigned from its belly and splashed back into the pond. The bullfrog included. They dragged themselves wide eyed and sputtering back to the log. The spirit had given them so How did the king go? The Wardi Frog asked smiling around a fly. She was munching. Wow Law wouldn't you know it but we've come around to your way of thinking. The bullfrog said this here log will make up perfect king of the frogs right except you know queen of the frogs said the Wardi one Queen King. Either way is fine. The bullfrog mumbled bull like are. You sure asked the tree frog. We can always call the spirit back again. No that's quite all right. I think we're better off. Just you know having fun. The forty one offered yes Let's let's just have some fun. The bullfrog agreed then. He paused looking down at his big webbed feet We've never we've never had fun before. Could you maybe show us how? Oh love cars. She agreed and the rest of the day was spent teaching the grumpy group. How to play tag and hide and seek and Lily Pad leap and all their other favorite games and by the end. The grumpy group wasn't so grumpy and none of them wished for a king ever ever again the end. Today's story King of the frogs was an adaptation of an ace ops fable written for you by Daniel Hynes and performed for you buy me Amanda Weldon if you would like to support stories podcast you can leave us a five star review on itunes debt ad free episodes and more at Patriot dot com slash stories. Check out all of our MERCH available at Stories. Podcast DOT com slash shop or simply. Tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening..

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