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And hitler in a series are ruining broadcast after the fall of france and germany 1940's but i never wanted this war you can have your empire we have communism socialism and they want people in the royal family and there were people like uh how six who thought this might be an avenue to pursue churchill comes in the day they invade france and he says basically anybody who uh cavorts wouldn't drew german agents these serve the portugal or scandal neutral sweden is treasonous and that's the end of it and we're going a fight and this was all know beaches on the land in arab but this was very radical because if you look around there was nobody else well we were isolationist russia was colluding the great ally the and donald french armory indomitable french army one bit everybody put their faith in three billion person strong army sh that crumbled them sit sweet and your churchill was rain uh i i will put in jail anybody who in creates with germany and with all empire will survive and were the only people fighting and of course we we don't get britain i don't think adequate quit credit today was the only major ally who fought the first day of the war in september flourished nineteen thirty nine and the last day on september ii 1945 it was the only major ally that fought germany alone for a year and it was the only major ally that went to war in the principle of an allied security poland whether the neither surprise attacking or being should prize attack the success of churchill would not have come through the war without the partnership with franklin delano roosevelt now this goes ahead because victories telling a story in the.

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