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Why didn't watch all of it? I did have to get to bed. But because I wanted to see Remmy Malik and I wanted to see bohemian rhapsody win. That was really the only reason why I kind of a shocker I think I think everybody kind of thought it was gonna be a star is born half the movies that were on their. I'd never even heard of. Well, the intro. The intro was way over pushed they were trying to Sandra ho in Andy Sandberg, we're just not that good. I mean, it was it was they were trying way too hard and the intro. It was like you had to calm him down bring him back in. And then the Carol Burnett tribute was absolutely fantastic. Except for you know, the Steve Carell ahead to bleep him out in the middle of it. And as you heard ABC, Christian bale was being his best Christian bale? And that was thank you know, is inspiration coming from Satan as he portrayed Vice President Cheney doesn't like a Brit getting into our politics is so well, he just Christian Bill has always been a little off center in that shouldn't surprise anybody. Joe? And I were talking about v buns. Are I say the, but you know, I guess vice? You know, you into to you're going to go. You're one of two people are going to go see that movie. I if you're gonna go see you don't like the vice president anyway. So it's just going to be kind of a feel good story for you. If you are offended vice-president, you're not going to go see it because you know, what it is. So it was kind of Christian bale sort of embracing himself right in coming to the spotlight. But it was you know, the the show overall had its moments. It wasn't as politically decisive as it has been in the past divisive divisive. It hasn't been as politically divisive as it has in the past. I agree overall. I went to bed at nine o'clock thinking, I didn't get a chance to see Remmy Malik. I wasn't disappointed that I tuned in. But it wasn't anything. I would have went out on my way to see bohemian rhapsody wins best motion picture for drama. Best motion picture musical or comedy is green book, which actually looks really really good. I think it's. Yeah. Well, it is someplace, but it looks really is it on Netflix. Perhaps. I have a check that out. I haven't seen it though. Anyway. I'd heard of it was when they won last night. I think it looks really good the Kaminsky method that was the one that I was glad I. Let's that's on. Netflix could see Michael Douglas up there in his self. And there were a couple of political stands, but not anything. It wasn't as crazy as it has been in years past. It was it was pretty in the broad scheme of things you've given the current climate low key. But it's just I'm just not a fan right of rich people padding other rich people on the back telling other rich people how well they've done. No stuff. It do you. Craft if you are successful at your craft, that's one thing. But if you're a rich grandstanding scumbag like Hollywood that I just don't have your casting a broad brush again, they're willing. No, I haven't Bram Malik. Here's what he said about the plane. Pretty mercury and bohemian rhapsody and accepting the gift of a best actor in a drama to Queen..

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