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Hello, welcome to queer a fiction where we talk about Kwa history in media. I'm Jason analysis. I may lie and today, we're gonna be talking about to depictions of the storm will Ryan's the twenty fifteen in Eric film, stonewall and the 2016 drunk history segment, presented by crucial west. The content warnings through these episode are as follows homophobia, transphobia police violence, sex work, and allusions to sex trafficking, and racism before we start talking about issue media each important to talk about the history behind stonewall, and debrief overview of what actually happened in Snowville rats, obviously, we already recently published an entire food on the stonewall riots. And we would highly recommend eager and listened to that episode before listen to this home, but don't want to then Alice's going to eat right brief rundown. This is going to be very, very brief. And I'm gonna fight us, mostly on the question of who instigated the stonewall riots, because that's something that is depicted, very differently in the tubes of media are going to be discussing today. But so bad, strain will fast stonewall was a mafia. Ron underground gabai in New York in the late nineteen sixties, the patriots of starting a very diverse mix of people across rights. Clause that is debate about specific ratio of we can at least say that it was diverse across racing Kloss most patriots were assigned male at birth, so that west homes. It's women who went not many compared to people signed may let us in particular, straight quaint were dominant presence at storing, so straight strains finalists que- attains often from racial minorities, who also always will assigned male at birth. But many of him used female names or presented feminine in some way at some of these straight pains were transparent, but not ole someone regarding the storm robots themselves L in the morning on Saturday. The twentieth of June Stein wool was made by police, which was a very common occurrence will Gabe as starting we'll wasn't legal operating without a license, usually these rights over pretty quickly unusually how that night, the Peyton of starting will float back violently and they continued to ride on subsequent nights these riots by influenced, and what influenced by a shift in the gay rights movement at the. Time away from being focused on downplaying the difference at on proving suspect ability of we will particularly gay people in order to earn a place in society and moving towards being more open about Quinn and wards fighting by whatever means necessary for where rights, so there's a lot of debate about what incident in particular box, violence at stone that night, and it is worth noting that this was a very large crowd, probably around a thousand people, it taught wouldn't exact number or something like that. And so it's likely that was several inciting incidents throughout the crowd. And not just one incident that started the riot eyewitness accounts, most commonly credit up, which lesbian fighting back against police as a catalyst for violence in two thousand night, African American drag kings stormy Deloviye, who had previously denied being this lesbian identified herself as this Butch lesbian. There are minor discrepancies between stormies account of her actions that night and I witness accounts of this lesbians actions. But broadly, speaking the counts do match. And it is possible that stormy is the Butch lesbian who's identified in accounts. Iva catalyst mentioned in eyewitness accounts include a drag Queen possibly seventeen year old timing and also put her a game and Ray Castro..

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