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Let's start with Bill Belichick as the Patriots take on the Raiders and asked about the job Jon Gruden has done and returning to the Raiders below check. Little Man of the bone. Thank the coach Gruden done. Outstanding job. Really, you know, putting this team together pretty short amount time, both from a Personnel standpoint, coaching staff, um on, you know, just the way that you know he's been able to get get the players to do the things that I know he believes in what he wants him to do. I think that Jon Gruden has been far better than I would have thought. The front office has been far better than I have thoughts. Mike Mayock spin a far better higher than I thought. And Groo Tin has not treated this as his retirement plan. And I appreciate that for Jon Gruden coming out of the way. Coming out of the broadcast booth. It always felt like he needed a perfect situation and to me what I saw 10 year deal and an organization with 1 ft out the door in Oakland. It felt like this was his retirement deal. 10 years, six of which might be on the sidelines, the final four of which will be in the front office. And he will ride off into the sunset as the Starling Chucky character for the Raiders, and instead he's built them into a competitive club Now. Last year, there were six and four and collapsed down the stretch. But there is no doubt you cannot argue they have drafted and developed very well. They have found guys where others have overlooked them. Like Darren Waller. They have drafted a developed guide like Joshua Jacobs. They have a team that is competitive each and every week for the most part, And even despite the swoon last year, the Raiders are interesting team now this year. I know if they would get this much national TV if they didn't have a brand new stadium. And playing in a brand new city had they still But in Oakland, I think they get half the primetime slots they got this year. Nonetheless, the Raiders are plucky, their competitive They're young, and they're interesting, and I give all that credit, too. Both Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock from making it that way. Meantime, elsewhere in sound check. How about Vin Scully? Who we did this story a couple of weeks ago finally joined social media. Why? In your nineties, you would want anything to do with sewer, the cess pool that his social media? God bless. Because Vin Scully is a American hero. He is truly one of the greatest Americans ever to live. And here he is on Instagram saluting the Dodgers on winning the National League West High, everybody and especially members of the Los Angeles Dodgers..

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