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Also was leonard. The great directions but this time i didn't have to discipline. He came to me with apart. And i loved the story. Of course. I wanted to work with him and i got to the very very good friends with charlton heston gene simmons to but she was always sort of tied down by her husband. Some we the but Shock and lydia used to come to my house with jack knifed all the time and we would go to their house where were very dear friends. And that's one of the worst things about getting old. Huron miss these people so much. I mean debbie reynolds was my dearest dearest girlfriend and i still can't get over the fact that she's gone she missed much to me and i know i'm afraid to lift up the paper because every day. Somebody's going and i still here but look here of in may i settle. I celebrated when nine biz birthday. Well you look amazing. I would never. I think that if you didn't tell me that i would've i would've guessed twenty years younger. So that's and you have just amazing skin you. It's an incredible. I don't know what your secret is. But i want i wish i i wish i could bottle it up but let me. Let me go backwards. Oh for saying. Because before i mentioned these few of these other movies i just i think people should know you know to to this day if i say the name. Carol baker to most people the one that they will immediately say i write is generally. Get be baby doll. And i know that for you that even at the time i think grew to be frustrating because it was hard for people to see you in other ways right. You were being offered a lot of similar. Did you feel typecast after baby doll. Well i wouldn't allow myself to be typecast. I was always in trouble. At warner brothers. Jack warner always wanted to see me at the end of a shooting day. And i had a little car and i would be the gate out onto the highway when it was clear and there was gone but.

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