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Don't think that would be a bad thing. Why not? The one thing I wonder about from Chelsea's perspective and I know I've banged on about Lukaku all along. Tools signed off on Lukaku. Chelsea don't have any other job about center forwards, like actual real center forwards. Unless you want to go down the Armando brazier route, all right, maybe one day they will. They don't have a guy. And then we can put Harvard's in there and have this endless debate about Harvard's, but then you still need a backup or you want team Werner to be like the little type of guy. It's weird. And I think Chelsea needs to think long and hard about whether this is really the wise choice. That's true. Lucien Favre could be back at bursa munchie, Jules makes sense to you. I would love to see that. I'm not always keen on people returning to their clubs. We mentioned that before. And I think he would be different because if I think he fits so well with that club he obviously had a very good experience there. Then he left, he did some good things, some not so good things. But yeah, they need someone to just stabilize everything and that can voice, sometimes he's a bit annoying. And because you want to shake and say, go and be a bit more energetic. Yeah, it would be a big yes for me. Gab, I know masar was a special place in your heart. You'd rather run Madrid in January 2000 and 7 and announce on Sunday that he's leaving after 15 years and a half season. That's pretty special, right? I just think it's so long ago. Do you know who the Real Madrid manager was then? No. Fabio Capello. Fabio Capello. And he arrived together with Fernando gago and 9 in Gonzalo Higuaín. Yes. And it's pretty remark I mean, I think Gaga's career never reached the heights of the other two. It was a really good player. He had a lot of injuries. But yeah, Franco baldini brought them in and it's pretty amazing. And I know I know you've mocked them. I know you said, oh look. When you play the winner, but he is parallel with Dani Alves. Of course. But he was such an incredible attacking force in his prime. And plus he's so cool, especially when I'm with a big hair and I love him. You gotta love that. Now, Liverpool had decided that they were going to have a parade regardless to celebrate the two cup finals, even if they didn't win the Champions League. They had their parade, if you're into parades and stuff, they loved it, my whole accounts, the players loved it. Some people sneer at this. Are you one of those who say, oh, definitely shouldn't have a parade. No, definitely not. I mean, you had to plan it in case you want the Champions League, but there's nothing wrong in celebrating trophies. Whether it's the League Cup and the FA Cup, which is a double, I think arsenal dealing in the 90s is really done. Not many clubs win both. Well, you were so close to winning the primarily and the Champions League as well. Celebrate the whole season. You don't just celebrate the League Cup final. You celebrate the whole season. And it was a great season that could have been an incredible season with the quadruple. And see how many fans turned up. It defines the we're not happy with the season. They wouldn't have turned up in numbers. I think the players were really taken aback by how many and the passion that was found showed. And again, showing how great fans they are and I've got nothing against pirating for what was a really fantastic season. A 100% with you. You're not celebrating the trophy. I don't you celebrate the performance. Exactly. You celebrate this incredible season that they have. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. And if you shared it, let's face it. You're a bit of a mountain. God, tell us what happened with crazy stuff in oviedo on the last day of the second division in Spain. This is heartbreaking and in this, by the way, is part of the reason why Sid Lowe wasn't with us on the show today by cities. So essentially a video in the second division, they needed a whole bunch of results to go their way. And they needed a victory to get into the playoff spots for promotion to the top flight. And so they were playing Ibiza. Post clubbing. He scored the winner boka Boston penalty in the 95th minute. And in the meantime, news filtered through from the fans that one of the results it needed to go their way, against irona that the ironic scored, and so therefore they were up. Problem is that game finished now now. They're celebrating it's a mass pylon. And then word can get through to them and they get up and they look around and say, what? It's not true. They didn't win. It was Neil now. It was heartbreaking. It was really, really cool. You know, via those big rivals, south of eagle are going to troll them about this mercilessly for a long time. All in big Lyonnais have won the French league women's football. Of course, competing a champion league league on double. Jules, your reaction. Yeah, well done to them, Sonia Bon pasto for first season as the manager is doing an amazing job considering how disappointing last season was to bounce back the way they did, beating Barcelona, who we thought was invincible. In the final in the way they did as well with the manner. And then now PSG, they were they had a few points, there were three points clear of PhD before that came in Paris on Sunday, but that will make sure that they win the title now, which is a great double, not the first one, of course, because they have won the league 15 times. And a lot of Champions League as well. But well done to them, and my cario, the U.S. midfielder, who, for me, is the player of the season in all leagues, has been incredible again in that game, scoring the only goal. So well done to them. And then has a play just 83 minutes gap in Real Madrid's Champions League campaign, but the fact that they want it reportedly means that Chelsea will collect a cool 15 million pound bonus. So when we added all up, the transfer fee and et cetera selling him to rabbit three years ago seems to be the greatest moves in Chelsea history, right? Honestly, when this goes better, he had one year left on his contract. Now, the value of the transfer, depending on who you talk to, because he's anywhere between 80 and a 110 million. I don't know some people counting the bonuses or whatever. But this is really the gift that keeps on giving. And it's not a knock on Eden Hazard, who's one of my favorite players. It's been really unlucky with injury, could have gotten very different in Madrid. But from Chelsea's perspective, and I say this again and again, when a player has a year left on his contract, and so often, it just makes sense to sell because it's going to cost you more to keep them, especially if it is in his late 20s. They've done pretty well without him as well. Exceptionally well. Rachel, is that brings us to an end, but we got to come back. We got to come back on Thursday. Because we'll be reflecting Wednesday night. It is the real world championship. The champions of South America, Argentina, yes, play the champions of Europe, Italy and Wednesday night. It's my World Cup. We're not going to the other one in Doha. We love you. Right. So join us then. Until then, love the game. Love your neighbor. Love yourself. Hey guys, this is Mina chimes. The host of the manikin show.

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