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That doctors blamed their son's death on something called dry drowning or delayed drowning the terms are a little different with untried drowning water doesn't get into the lungs that instead hits the upper airway causing it to spasm in close so air can't get in with delayed horse secondary drowning water does in fact enter the lungs it's not enough to be immediately deadly but that water damages the tiny cells that line the airway causing inflammation and more fluid and the damage cells can no longer taken oxygen there are some signs to watch for to know if your child is in respiratory distress grunting gasping you may see their ribcage expanding and there now ostro's flaring as they struggle to get air in poor health news gotta foxnewshealth dot com housecall for health after separate fox news good morning eighty four eastbound we've got some roadwork that should be wrapping up through waterbury seventy two east corbyn avenue into exit nine two lanes are close berlin turnpike connector northbound from brainard wrote up through exit ninety you down to one lane because of maine and and eight southbound it's looking pretty good through derby exit seventeen down through fourteen i'm cindy weightman back at five forty five with your next traffic check on the talk of connecticut a conversation about politics doesn't have to devolve into name calling and yelling lewis civil place for civil discuss the exchange and debate of ideas top joy reid weekdays after brad davis said new for sets on the talk of connecticut nudes politics approach everything is fair game in your thoughts matt a difference.

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