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Yeah tommy lee was like tommy lee's point is sort of like shut up about that time i abused you got nothing going on yeah broken randy's he's drinking then he so he's being a dick but then piers morgan comes after him like he's gonna you can tell he's just so smug he's just like they tommy lee like let us loves it because it's yeah his rip rose you know tommy lee below bit then tommy lee hits back at piers morgan is kind of right he's like ripping his his like dick brandin punched him in the face so this is the other horrible thing tommy leisure's took a selfie of them well basically it's basically shot right up as knows out to see that and then he goes the great part is he goes he goes to give everything he wants and this is what he does good job brand goods i'm brokenhearted yeah like it's it's super like you know ronnie dobbs but the thing is like brandon's twenty one and then tommy lee's fiancee's thirty one like it's just not i good mojo going on dylan dylan farrow should do that too witty allen just go on and clock could he can generate enough power i don't know so britney furlong that's his i don't know who that mine star she's like a sexy funny vine girl like and then she and they're getting married they're getting married but then pam panel uprooted this whole well written letter it was almost like a like a poem like just all these single lines but it was like about how tommy's train wreck and britney's just keeping them drug.

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