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The top stories were following for you today on WTO President Biden speaking at the Howard theater here in D.C. urging people to vote today during his speech he once again promised that if the Democrats would win the midterms, he'll immediately send a bill to Congress to codify abortion rights. Police in fairfax county say they've arrested the suspect wanted for the rape of a woman in a Vienna Virginia hotel room earlier this month. And rust in yesterday's quadruple killing at a home in Dale City, Prince William county, police say 24 year old David Maine lived in that same house as the people he's accused of murdering. State with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. New today, the man who was the primary source behind the largely discredited Steele dossier has been acquitted by a jury for lying to the FBI about where he got his info from. It's a significant setback to special counsel John Durham, who's declined to comment. Durham has been leading a probe into how the FBI conducted its investigation into possible collusion between the 2015 Trump campaign and the Kremlin. The case against Igor, then chinko is the third and possibly final case brought by Durham. An elementary school in suburban St. Louis that sits near a contaminated creek is finally being shut down. It took a class action lawsuit and a study funded by the lawyers involved to make it happen. Radioactive contamination was found in classrooms, the playground, among other places at Jana, elementary in the city of fluorescent. It was another study by the U.S. Army Corps of engineers that came out in the summer found that contamination came from World War II era nuclear weapons production, it is 1148. Traffic

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