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Thanks for being a part of another episode of sam roberts wrestling podcast i shouldn't have to tell you that for you guys i am constantly trying to come up with new content to offer you and you know the best way that you can have access to as much sam roberts wrestling content is humanly possible is through stitcher premium it's the premium version of sam roberts wrestling podcast available exclusively at stitcher dot com slash not sam here's we get over there not only will you get this here podcast every thursday morning totally ad free only place to get sam roberts wrestling podcast ad free is that stitcher premium you'll also get an exclusive show for premium listeners only available at stitcher dot com slash not sam and that show is called captive audience what i do is i take somebody who's in my life my dad my wife abbadi from high school whoever it is somebody that might not be the biggest wrestling fan in the world and i sit them down in front of the wwe network and together we watch a pay per view that generally this person would never watch it's done in real time so you can sync it up with the wwe network and you can watch a long with us as i tried to make sense and try to explain to this person next to me why we're seeing on screen what we're seeing just last week i had my wife watching new blood rising every other monday a new show comes out we've done new blood rising we did wrestlemainia nine we did uncensored ninety five so much stuff still to do and the only way to listen to all of it is to subscribe at stitcher dot com slash not sam not only will you get the premium version of this podcast when you sign up but you'll get the premium version of every podcast on stitcher that has a premium version all for one low cost just go to stitcher dot com slash not sam sign up become a part of stitcher premium for sam roberts wrestling podcast premium and start listing to.

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