Hollywood, Bizet, SNL discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast - Will Ferrell on his Favorite Movie, 'SNL,' and LeBron on the Lakers (Ep. 226)


Nor we went through nor might lower michaels really liked the liked it was such a different moves in be areeta commie but once again it would no one wanted to make it uh it was stuck at paramount and the regime at that time just see them in the movie goes away your could still get gis it they won't put it in turn around they wouldn't give it to other places but it became the script that everyone read in hollywood was why won't you want they make that were like they want and they won't put it in turn around and so that was hurt but that was our first experience of just being in a room having the best time just kinda that's it that sounds like every terrible her hollywood started out everyone has like three of that's why it's yes incredibly cliche in its it's and it's but could just take that script them go to net flex back here guys and they really all here's we could live alpay ilford so many moves from it they would just how yeah you pick the carcass yet that's what put a grad the liver it the everts review with lynn carcass as the picked over carcass of a movie not even the toes were left bizet's this might as well be done so than you did old school without him we we wrote that i went and did old school shot it during my last season of snl did you know old school is going to be beg no no idea in fact they use was to come out in november and they held onto it till february there which is usually not a great sign um.

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