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Three others seriously injured as a. Result of an early morning crash yesterday on walnut creek KCBS Scotla Terry says that drinking. Was involved a crash in which, underage drinking and driving is involved and people died from it officer Brandon. Korea of the contra Costa county CHP Sunday morning at four AM there was a, a? Two thousand Honda Civic that craft off of highway twenty four right we're six eighty and twenty four come together and literally off the freeway down off the freeway rolling over and crashing onto the. Pavement below down in walnut creek onto boulevard circle in walnut creek. Subsequently that killed two eighteen. Year old males from Antioch upon intact they were immediately pronounced deceased two other passengers suffered major injuries, as well as the driver eighteen year old rahmael Ramey of Antioch who has been arrested for felony charges of manslaughter and dry Driving under the influence Scotla Terry KCBS there wasn't the only fate fatal accident about. This time yesterday the HP says, a man suspected of killing a teen in a freeway accident in Oakland. Early yesterday morning could face a stricter sentence because this is his fourth DUI arrest, authorities? Say fifty six year old Berkeley resident Maury Butler struck and killed nineteen year old son Benson Garrett of Antioch it happened around two thirty Sunday morning Benson Garrett had gotten out of his car. After his vehicle was involved in an accident northbound eight eighty near. The Oakland Coliseum he was. Struck and killed by Butler's vehicle Butler then pulled over besides driving under the influence of CHP has, butlers license had been suspended KCBS news time three twenty eight We. Want to go back to the roads now hopefully nothing like that going. On this. Morning Frank Munich yeah considerably quieter thankfully we do have two new problems popping up one of northbound eight eighty at all fraud boulevard in Fremont that's an accident. Which apparently is blocking, the far left lane we also have smoke coming from a car involved. In that crash so we have fire crews heading out there as well of stalled on the bay bridge eastbound eighty just before, you get into the tunnel the CHP says this, is, a car that's. In the far left lane setting out. Of the scene to try and give that a push off of the spam your next traffic update is at three thirty eight. Rather three forty eight I should say on the. Traffic leader cave near KCBS bay area forecast let's see mostly cloudy near the coast today, will be partly, cloudy, near the Bay sunny but. Hazy inland today highs today mid sixty s at the beaches around, seventy. At the bay mid to upper eighties inland traffic and weather together on. The eighth. And all news one six nine and AM.

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