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Volkswagen back i wear show break we're gonna go ahead continue our conversation from earlier but i i wanna go ahead just pivot a little bit so some of know just cut just talking about things from a pure lee entertainment standpoint so my favorite candidates from the 2016 election just just for entertainment perspective were ted cruz rand paul donald trump and john mcafee because they were just doing things that you just you just don't do rand paul is going out and he's a shredding and lighting the tax code on fire donald trump is being donald trump i see posters all around town of freaking ted cruz like to talk and then jaw mcafee is just doing what john mcafee does just completely shocking everyone and ultimately he was a fair runnerup in the libertarian presidential primaries so in terms of going forward those guys still have the lasting impact i mean gary johnson ran away by you look at guys like austin peterson and jaw mcafee and they're still here doing stuff they're still pushing for the the because in some way shape or form and same goes for ted cruz and rand paul they didn't just lie down and let the republican establishment do everything they wanted they're still going out and speaking truth and ultimately doing the right thing so in terms of just you know how how we get people to pay attention how do we get people listen but how do we get people to become inspired and getting gauge do you think we need more of like these these edgier politicians do you think we need more these hardcore activists or something else because obviously the day and age in which a person like jeb bush could be elected you know in a larger stage like that is just is just not going to happen it could i could be absolutely wrong but i just don't i see that wing of things just being completely dead at this point.

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