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Two hour too Join me We're kind of its own. Dot com I wanna. Get, into I I like to think of it as the root of. All evil it is. Public education public education has been used as a blunt instrument to completely. Completely separate we the thinking from, the stuff the good stuff that we could have in. This country I'm talking spiritually politically and, just culturally it's they use a blunt instrument to separate us. From that and by, the way that is the mission of this radio station to save, this Republic which public education no longer teachers. Even exists, they teach it's. A democracy. It's not it's, a Republican but the mission of this radio station Is to save the Republic I like to, put it one at a time but to. Save this, Republic not just. Politically but culturally and spiritually, as well so let's get into some Indictment, of the blunt, instrument that is public education your. Kids in school public school You? Need to do something about that. Even if you can't get, them I. Say, why I. Got to work, all day I can't be home schooling my kid well two. Things first of all never forget to George Washington's men walked on on bloody stumps so, you can do whatever you need to do to to never forget that your kid as long. As they're in public school would. No counter education is going, to have their heads so twisted around and turned around, now when they get out they're gonna think communism, school already seeing that, right now But let's get into this this comes my way, courtesy of Donna I want to go through one of these these these by the way are. Not what the kids are learning. You'll see some of the, the heavy-handedness of the kids here in a second but Because they're being used as one instrument. But this is what the teachers, have to supposedly learned before they, go back into the school. System and teach the kids now these. Are sessions called impact eighteen you've got to. Sing on, the top that, looks like the old nineteen fifties representation. Of the atom there's a nucleus inside with like electrons going around and it, says Teach together oh I'm sorry together in its own says teach together be together learn. Together that's all warm and fuzzy that's good nothing wrong with that Let's continue on here's, the session, number one. This is. The session this is happening. I was. Twenty seven twenty eighth Put, on by somebody, from Michigan State University Michigan State University. Now some of. This is redacted not the actual course descriptions but for example the facilitators so they rejected the, names I get that I could thank. You down to x. I get that and then it says Michigan State. University redacted word and. Then says middle. School so. I'm assuming that the. Facilitator is on. Top of middle school education so Sessions called I can switch. My. Language but, I can't switch my skin cultivating a racial and linguistic diversity in, e. l. a. and social studies classrooms what the hell does that mean. What does that mean social studies I can switch my, language but I. Can't switch my skin cultivating racial and linguistic. Diversity why would you wanna call debate diversity that was supposed to be a. Nation of many where we come together and we assimilate yeah I, mean that's that's. The, key to being happy in America is a simulation the, communist parties trying, to drive a stake through the heart. Of that and. That's why they're so all over equity inclusion diversity that's. Communist speak by the way the let's, get into description this workshop will engage. Practitioners in critical conversations and challenge assumptions about number one what constitutes standard. English You know this is kind of like animal farm where they twist language, around or nine. Hundred eighty four where they. Get you so that, you're not even you assume, a certain thing but oh that's wrong that you assume that no we're gonna take what you think is common. Sense and logic we're gonna crush? That and you will? Be punished unless you go along with, what a standard English who sets the standards for it who. Is marginalized and who is privileged by these decisions now before we get to two and three you know what that's about they're. Going. To vilify, anybody that's white that's eurocentric that wants to teach Shakespeare instead of, Karl Marx what constitutes standard English who sets the standards for it who. Is marginalized and who's privileged by these decisions so the, teachers will be. Standing there sitting there being berated because you. Gotta stop thinking in terms of western civilization how dare you that's what this. Is about number two What is the relationship between, language race identity power in an equity that sounds like communist communism one on, one, doesn't, absolutely not also sounds like that. Sounds, like shaming shaming where if you what is the relationship between, language race identity power in an equity if you were to even interject the possibly somebody blacks should step speaking ghetto speak Ebonics and speak English they'd say what does that even mean what. A, standard English and who are you are, you a racist you need. To honor you need to you need. To help these children with their cultural diversity just insanity what's, going on schools now, number three how language ideologies social attitudes and monolingual approaches to language instruction impact learning. Well let's just take the monolingual approach that right there let's kids learn meaning we're gonna use one language here we're, not going to. Have fifteen languages so I. Have to An interpreter for? This kid after speak? Ebonics over here, I got to speak Spanish over here no no no, no we're. All going to be? Speaking, English and, therefore we'll have, a unified a unified learning process now practitioners will exit? The, workshop with one understanding of our curricular choices and. Pedagogical practices are complicit in the reproduction of linguistic and. Racial equity in schools in society the, hell is that mean If. You get dizzy when I when you heard. That I got dizzy, reading it number two understanding, whatever happened to reading and writing. And arithmetic yeah whatever happened. To sit down shut up say yes, ma'am no man yes sir no sir do your homework. Assignments, get an, a. or do the best you can because you want to be the best you can possibly be not everybody's. Going to get a neighbor you're. Gonna try like hell to do it and if you don't you'll flock if. You flunk you're going. To be held back. So don't be held back whatever happened to that by, the way that's when America works best trying to make a great again number two understanding. The students learn best in environments where. They, can, use, their. Cultural linguistic resources to support their own learning that is a straight up lie and that is. Antithetical, to any type of discipline and learning in the classroom let me repeat that this is the stupid the impact eighteen session called I can switch my language but. I can't twits my scan Number two understanding this what teachers are gonna come teachers come. Away with it they're going to. Be propagandized with and condition to accept before they go before students are going. To understand that students. Learn best environments where. They can use their culture. And their linguistic resources to, support their own learning that's insanity What they're essentially doing.

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