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Totally. He's crested 800 twice. 886 and 810. Okay, So what was Reggie Miller? So I looked that up right now, buddy. You think like five Seriously, Seriously, 55 50 s right now, like e Give me a year. First birthday every year Field a three point turn. They make sure I get the right list. Yeah, Okay. The most he ever did was in 97 96 97. And what was steps. Hi, Murph. Don't 26. Okay, So I'll say proud I'm going to say probably about half that some 400 something and copes. You said I said 5 50 you guys were pretty damn good. I got to tell you because Polly for most every year, he was in the 400 but is one high year was 5 36. That's just the way the game was played the back then copes. I'm telling you guys Through in the three point line first hit the league. A lot of guys didn't even take it. Black. Larry Bird was one of the first guys to hit threes. And I remember like purest thought It was a gimmick like they didn't remember that more. If there was like a push back like this is like the Harlem girl. You see, there was an immediate noted this. I want to talk about this today on the show. Did you see when the Lakers had a four on one fast break last night? And LeBron was leading it, and it was just like, you know, Okay, Here comes the lay up and he actually kicked it out to shrewder for a three and Reggie Miller made a point. He goes. Look at this. It's four on one. LeBron could just walk to the left walk to the basket right. But instead, shrewder fanned out to the three point line, and he kicked it out to shooter for three guys. That's just That's just that's just basketball that I would not have happened when I was. That's exactly what I'm saying, right? That was unthinkable back then they probably we were laughing at the because Murphy said staff was eight. Something right. He ate something he says, the most ever. Waterboy just look it up in 2018 19, James Harden. 1028 attempted three pointers. Oh, my Christ Almighty most ever. That's just that's That's pretty fat suit, James Harden, right, firing bullets like the like the villain and home alone. You know that filthy animals that we're gonna keep the keep the three, you filthy animal. Uh, Wow. Wow. Wow. Hey, Here's one from Stephen A Smith says Drew Brees is gonna walk away. But I guess he misspeaks and says he's gonna walk away from basketball. Take a listen here. Drew Brees is about to walk away from the game of basketball. Become the modern day Tony Rome. Oh, he's gonna be in the booth. That's what I'm talking about. When I bring up Tony rubble, he's gonna be in the booth working next year. All right, call it football games instead of playing in all likelihood. This could be it for Drew. Okay, There s a little misspeak on the basketball happens. I do it every segment. Yeah. Copes. What a nightmare for you. If breeze becomes the new Oh, go to hell, dude. My buddy was my buddy. Keep my body. Jason's brother Paul kicked it out to me this weekend because he knows I I got a lot of people hit me up. When Bree's got eliminated this weekend, you know, congratulating me, Pat me on the back, saying it was a great There's a good day for me and my buddy throws that he goes. You know, if he's a politician or a broadcaster, there's a chance you're going to deal with him or right then, when he was a player And then I started thinking about Paulie and Phil Simms and let them deal with it my whole life, actually, that it's my shake since I can't By the way, you want to hear something crazy about Phil Simms jumpy one. Chuck told me this yesterday via text or a couple days ago, dude, apparently, this is not a joke. Phil Simms is no longer available on cameo. And Chuck thinks word got back to home. My God, Yeah, I'm saying, Coach if you want to get rid of Drew Brees, you wanna You wanna get rid of Drew Brees? He took my death and he took my debit card for 121 bucks. Alright. You know what I mean? That just give me just make sure you send me the check man. The spirit of the news these days. Can I get a refund? Can I ask for one night? I will say this, though, if I am the guy responsible for taking Phil Simms off cameo, I feel like I've actually calm. Well, that's a win. Then it's a win win back. All right. Well, there you go. There's your Our our guys. Fun stuff, Everybody. We can maybe revisit the cooler. Maybe later in the show here. We got some doses. We got to get into arms. Okay. Robert, the Aussie the great Robert Loose A Titch, the legendary Fox Australian Gulf journalist who's a big part of the Tiger Woods documentary, which we need to revisit Hill Jones and 9 15 Roberts. Great. He's really good. And then at 9 35. Dann y key is the Lakers be right off the L A times a little carnage. Check on the Lakers after that loss last night, all coming up on Camby are one of 45 and 6 80, these sports leader. You're listening to Murph in Mac available Now your Amazon echo smart speaker. This is K. NPR 1045 and 6.

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