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Four hundred and fifty dollars but then he had a change of heart you heard about a food shortage at a local food pantry so he and said are you ready for this he gave all his video game money to the food pantry to help those in need he told the local news station you know i don't really need that steph video games those are once people need food and water to live and they don't have that and i already have it so i don't wanna be greedy i just wanted to help them are you went through a lot of really tough times as a young kid his family often couldn't afford a place to live so growing up they spent many nights on the street or in and out of homeless shelters he sent in the sixth grade he lied to a classmate about where you live because he was too embarrassed to say that he was living in a homeless shelter and he said it was that moment that he knew that he had to excel in school so that one day when he was growing up his own kids wouldn't have to suffer through that same embarrassment so we started studying in studying working really hard at school and bullies would pick on him because he always had a book in his hand and he's always reading and they teased him with the nickname they called him harvard well richard just graduated high school he was his class valedictorian he also just accepted a full ride scholarship to that very school they used to tease him harvard it is that is a great story my favorite so far this week one final one for myself jv there's an sm swingers dungeon in england that has been fighting with its neighbors people don't like the place they don't like the handcuffs in the whips and the low cut tops and the tight jeans on men with a tiny the little blue pills in the pocket as these l heathens go into find multiple partners you know people are not shy about calling the cops on the regular cops have been there several times for various reasons and the most important reason of all the people called the cops went several witnesses called when they saw a child being led into the dungeon officers rushed to the scene busted in there they found the.

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