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Donuts. Right. You know, so, but if somebody was there she's paying somebody to do it for her. I could see she's lucky to recover from that. I forgot about that. Yeah. That was a bad. One was not. She did. Oh, don't tarnish her record. That's why if you do something stupid just apologize and just move on. A new cycle moves so quickly. You're onto the next guy. I think that's what she did. Yes. She apologized and moved on not like, oh, no, I tried to defend it or just say, I'm sorry move on. But in your in answer to your so, that's that's vegan then vegetarian as where you don't think. Vegetarian. You can eat eggs, but you're not eating meat and fish. If you're a vegetarian you could eat Escott vegetarian is no meat. And you can eat fish. I'll see I didn't know that. Yeah. I've had friends who like I'm a vegetarian in. They're like while they're eating chicken on my. That's meat. No fish too. Chicken is a no no for vegetarian, right? And is like pesky -tarian just fish or they can do chicken to that. I don't know. -tarian is just fish. I don't know what it is. When you only eat like white meat only red meat, pork Kenny that dark meat. Recapping pop quiz. Clearly, we're all. Not really becoming a vegetarian once. I felt bad for the animals. I whatever the one is the byproduct. I'll eat vegan. No, I'll eat the byproducts. So be vegetarian. Okay. But then like, my wife, Carol may dinner the other night, and she made I said I want to eat less meat lately. She made like a bean soup. Let me tell you after three gallons the bean soup. I was still hungry. Just so hard born into it this way. And maybe if we were born without eating meat would be a lot easier. But and then I hear there's dangerous people that do it. They have to be right with what they're consuming because it can be dangerous for kids is that they're not getting enough protein. If they're not even eating meat and stuff like that. I think we're all Mita -tarian Sweden, mostly mostly meat protein, -tarian better. That sounds better. And I get why pure vegetarians like Jason said, and I know Katie as well, you see sometimes the way your foods made or how animals are treated it'll change you into one real quick. Born to eat other living things like animals, some some go against that say that we really weren't see. That's what I'm saying. Well, Jason ask your passer. I know you're very active in your new shirt. What channel is the new shameless on everything comes down to? To him. Now. Now, it's your turn it. We can't. Recently. I think Katie Matt I even went out of town week. I think he's been hurt. Jared's been deters. Don't try to twist you've been the church more than anybody here. In one week, you spent hours and hours and hours. The length of time. I asked you on several times because I liked the the message of the counseling and Carolina. I'm still agnostic. Don't push your gin on us. More evidence could be might not be out of pain. Oh my God. We know the band that plays. They're trying to get there. I know how you are. Get your coffee mug, or whatever you get. You hugs joined all of our churches at one point. Stop..

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