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All right but i do have a couple of things leftover then i'd like to share because i keep pushing them off the first one is this a report which is been out there for a few weeks back and former nasa entering could soon become a millionaire when he sells three loss grills original videotape showing man's first steps on the moon imagine that this is a photo of the rails that will go presale there's still the base they auction site says he in turn bob these and eleven hundred other real is it a government surplus auction for about give this two hundred dollars in the nineteen seventies the man told reuters quote i had no idea there is anything of value on them i was selling the tv stations just record over to make some money the man's says his father's father tape on these three reels which read apollo eleven the name of the mission where neil armstrong and buzz aldrin first walk on the moon and back in two thousand six nasa so publicly admitted it lost the tapes ahead of the fortieth anniversary of that moon walk now they're said to be sold at auction at the end of the month on the fiftieth anniversary they're expected to go up for about two million dollars you know if these are indeed be taped the nasa lost let's assume they are a is it really okay for this guy to be auctioning off well we did it definitely it's only bags a number of question a number of questions including a why were they so cavalier did this just toss them into the ban that goes and gets auction off as you know reusable tape that's the number one question it comes to my mind i envy why would you do that why what would you what would you say this is a problem with this story is is just adding fuel to your fire mhm that this whole thing was a scam andy andy as they care so little about it today he didn't even bother to toss out his tossed okay so these other tapes and i'm not gonna play the clip we have multiple clips of people saying how horrible it is they lost me original nassar they lose them according to this story how they threw them out according to the story they put him in the dump in the dumpster now i wonder if there will likely be and if they will also contain the telemetry data which apparently also is a has been misplace lost her thrown out in why is it that every person from nasa who knows about be original recordings of the moon landing being lost why do they all say you couldn't play it today anyway when these tapes impacts two inch forehead tapes yeah you know it's it's old it's a sixty seventies technology i call five companies right now who complained those tapes they have right i i should mention this is part of there's a prop project called the dead media project and we know that am pay there is still a number of these machines left it's believe i 'cause i look into this myself it's believed that the number of left of of two inch tapes that are still available the number of page will not outlast the life of these machines no matter how hard you try to fix them right now they have these ampex machines giant machines eases two inch tape they had and flies across the thing up and down and they believe they can't get enough parts and stuff to keep these machines going as long as long as they need to be going further but it would seem as though these tapes these doing shapes we were talking about here would have a high priority and you're right there's at least a you know i don't know how many of these machines were left but there's enough did they could put one put it in play right now in doubt it yeah i i it's the story is a very hurry fishy to me a there's also another story that says the guy as went so he went and nasa and they played back for me and i guess and they owed here's the tapes but i mean this whole thing smells and it's coming on the fiftieth anniversary it's coming up on space force were supposed to land on the moon in twenty twenty twenty four which is only rates are the only reason i'm going to continue doing the show is just so in twenty twenty four i could say see we were not gonna land on the moon don't get hopes up it's not gonna happen will be some other news trump is already saying oh we should go to mars okay it's only a thousand times further may anyway yeah i have a kitchen that i did notice what's going on what that somebody found these old tapes of they picked him up with the government auction for two hundred bucks an hour nasa doesn't say hey why don't you give us a copy i mean these is how come the guys in the black suits still show up and just grabbed the tapes in are the tapes actually still good i mean they they show pictures of these tapes out of their boxes which is extremely stupid certainly christie's would know better if they're really running this auction you do not take these tapes of their see the plastic steel containers with a big turn lock on them i've kerry these around for years a in the mini you expose them to a v atmosphere it can get very very bad i would believe these tapes are still good even though they've been exposed to the elements the oxygen yeah absolutely this not just cellulose movie film and they ended as dangerous gonna explode it's just a it's a magnetic tape the problem is gonna be since they've been in stores were so long there's gonna be a lot of cross talk which is a real problem with magnetic tape and storing it that's why you should run the tape every once in a while so you don't have the same magnetic gamage pushing against the tape at the same exact spot for a very long time because it'll magnetized so you're gonna have a a problem in bitch i see the that's the danger but and i'm sure it's gonna be problematic but still i still have somewhere i still have a couple of days we i think we called the dnc's with those no the being seized with the smaller ones with the one she has she's the he'll go ahead write his hands on these ampex is or vertical they just ran straight across the tape up and down on his writing dry spinning saying it's the truth foreheads on it a funky machine i used to a i used to be able to calibrate in lebanon a two inch machine yet to win forehead and went like this he he put up the bars you know you or you roll the tape on the bars and then they were basically to knobs but you would kick the machine just to the right at the bottom that somehow always get a line almost automatically sounds like an picks it was dutch broadcasting so yes it was totally ampex okay then a as you as many no i am a big fan of professor tad in his writings industrial society in his future i think he accurately predicted these social justice warrior movement the social networks 'em his story has been changed in mutated mutated over the years a we recently had joe rogan a talk about professor tad's is i'm talking about yuna bomber ted kaczynski a in incorrectly said that a professor tad when went nuts and start blowing people up a know the true story is he wrote this manifesto which you could download from any place and you could even get a copy on amazon an it he want he felt they were in there so important and that these industrial society through technology would come to a horrible demise and i think to a degree he's probably right and he felt it was extremely important that the new york times in washington post published his manifesto that they refused and then he said if you don't publish it i it's so important to me i'm gonna start killing people until you do any start killing people in they did an no one ever even rumors that it was published but interestingly and which of course i i condemn his killing of people but i suggest you reid this document meant it and you will be surprised by the accuracy of what is going on right now today with social networking in technology right down to the world coming to an absolute standstill on freak out when facebook images don't load sam harris of these sam harris podcast starting to show off the other day with this honestly i just read yuna bomber his manifesto for the first time since it was originally published as you might recall under threat of further maintaining murder and it is they slightly crazy document you can certainly here in ski grinding his teeth in the background moralists throughout but the truth is it is better reasoned and modulated than half of what i see on twitter and this is from people with blue check marks by their names and more phones and so i i don't know what it means to be able to honestly say that half the people on twitter seem less hinged then a man who is sending bombs in the mail but it does seem that were performing and experiment on our selves be consequences of which are as yet undetermined anyway i'm very happy to have withdrawn to the degree that i have feels form or saying then when he says withdrawn he's talking about withdrawing from social media so maybe if you haven't if you only thought a courier nut job maybe you should give it a listen i mean sam harris after all don't take it from me ticket from sam sam shame him sam well i have a couple of things left 'em one or by the way it's hot in canada some ran in alaska guesses eighty five and eighty five eighty six degrees up there and everywhere in between these melted a candid and get that out of the way.

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