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Preston about what these steps are also the effects does ongoing sex-abuse crisis is having, especially on the Catholic community. We'll probably one of the biggest things that they have done is they have set up a national hotline. It'll be operated by yet to be chosen independent entity field allegations of abuse and cover up by bishops and, and, and this is something that people have been calling for, but even that doesn't go far enough, because what the way it will work is a national hotline again. It'll be operated by now tied vendor for Catholics to call right? With complaints that they have the hotline gets that report, it will go then to a Bishop who will be responsible for reporting it to law enforcement and to the Vatican, and bringing lay people in if they choose were saying you should bring people in from the very beginning, and there were certain people who were saying, look there should be no intermediate. When you find out about this, you should automatically call the police, there should be one interview, and it should be done by professionals as for the bishops. They say that this is a very good first step. Maybe they can have other discussions in the future. But for now that is what the bishops of doing talk to us more about this coming national hotline. Do we have a time line, at this point, there's no time line at this point, the idea is to publicize information of how people could make accusations and crooked a matter is whether or not, it will include the lay people who could actually investigate the timeline is the idea is, you would call up, you could write in, or you could actually inform them and say, this is what's going on one person. I, I know that people in Boston are very familiar with Jason berry, who's written several books about the Catholic church of this abuse scandal. And what he said, is this is a group of men accustomed to regulation, as they know it in the democratic the new policy show that they are still in the mode of self protection. And that's the question that you have to get past. It's like are we going to require them to call the police to? Call in a professional who can look this up. Some say good first steps, but they don't go far enough. How has this sex abuse crisis effect Catholics here in the US, their habits their insights, what inside do we have from the recent Pew Research Center survey? Yeah, if you look the Pew Research recently did a really extensive study, talking about Americans and how they see the Catholic sex abuse, one quarter of all, US, Catholics say that they had scaled back mass attendance, and they have scaled back on donations or stop donating to the church and response to recent reports of sex abuse and misconduct. Something that is obviously rocked the church, the church is trying to get under control. These.

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