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Seven thirty mike lester each live coverage of they came ahead on capitol city rock one or four point five fm so catch the catch the bus in action taken on the tigers a hansen says the vendor bruce open on sunday in the event or boost open at the expo building that'll be on saturday they open at nine and official lilley park at 10 thera vendor boost about twenty inside the exsoviet and there are about another forty five in the park and we have just a wonderful collection of a vendors from from a lot of different areas and yet there's pottery animal products and whitten bold sand art and runs and birdhouses and do ray and tinware in soaps and it's just an and food the suit suzy bogus concert starts at seven thirty tomorrow night in the actual grazing there's a concert tonight granada in fort pierre as well at the silver spur now sunday also includes a full day worth of events that is according to four pm air hanson sunday will will kick off again with vendors at two 9 o'clock in the expo building at ten o'clock at in the park and then the sterling family ranch rodeo there's find to be cowboy church in the morning and then at branch at ten o'clock hosted by the sterling family and and then the rodeo will will kick off and that sterling fan ranch rodeo starts at eleven o'clock at the standing front county fairgrounds free will donations during the rodeo will go to assist families and individuals fighting cancer as it always has and continues to do so with these sterling family helping a local families of fight cancer maxwell says that he was pleased how the community came together to gear up for his big weekend celebration working together with the school on the parkview sign or with the downtown businesses on the on the bicentennial farmer's market or with the silver spur on the battery of a roadshow in with the community i'm putting all that together then that committee's coming together to plan for this big weekend in front of us i just was so please stand enjoyed how everybody came out and supported things and and how the community came together for a full list of events visit fort pierre dot com better still stop ii head on over to four pierre this weekend.

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