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For all the wrong ideas. no. I'll be on the line. amazing he's unbelievable is unbelievable he's right that you know we're talking favorite wrestlers my favorite wrestler of all time my favorite of all time and I know that that's it you know that's a common one but the you can argue you can argue how good the guy is. I don't think there's anybody who's ever been better on the Mike in there's a lot of guys were great on the Mike the rock is right up there to me the rock is insane on the Mike but nobody's better than ric flair on the Mike and in the ring fantastic I mean the flops a there's a there's a you tube video of just him doing the flop. it kills me I just I can watch it for for for for five hours. here's began on WGN go ahead. my shoes cost more than you're how old is the greatest one of the greatest insult ever my shoes and he just said his suit cost more than his house in the last clip. so okay real quick connect. a one term I want to. how many times I went to the bard said the great out yeah. watch wrestling what are your hours starting a plan in mind and he never gone through a match thank you yeah. slide six box we go in yeah. well there we go down there the whites it was all kind of you and they see the body your. but I told him I said listen you got out of there don't worry your clothes because you know these people are not. so we go in there and yeah like real close so rainy. so this girl. most of them of their parents are you sure must remain may need fourteen thirteen hours on my yeah. certain up on our legs in the stable behind there's there's two couples. there are germs. so I turned it on and I was gonna tell on all right you know if you're gonna come over in a tag is girl let me know I'll get out of your way everyone I turned around I get it bear all right in my face our. well that's not good. you're not good at. a beer right in my face yeah I get a little crazy in the Gisele crazy in the crowd beget thanks for the comment about dean Malenko. fantastic. layers of disco. Goldberg you like Goldberg I did enjoy Goldberg I enjoyed the whole streak and W. C. W. all those years ago you were very young when I am that happened you like the hardy boys hardy boys I I can I can get along with yeah I get a little tired of every once in awhile there's a time when I kind of had them and it did the whole Matt hardy. when he went nuts. I don't even what was his catch phrase now god did not disconnect I can't remember what it was who's going to computer delete it was delete that was when when Matt hardy did the eye and say I'm insane yeah you shall be deleted yeah. Owen Hart another tragedy right there man. yeah I remember I remember the night I remember that the night it happened I can't believe they went on with the show that Saddam was giving same thing one of the shot for people don't know own heart was that his harness he would come in from the ceiling of the auditoriums and stuff and fly in. and he that harness snapped and he ended up falling to his death right in front of all the people. ravishing Rick rude you got to love ravishing Rick rude. rob Van Dam. hello rob Van Dam RVD Nick Bockwinkel legend. Verne Gagne legend. Terry funk as we mentioned before we're talking about Terry funk earlier hard core guys Samoa Joe my mom hates my what Joe here's the thing about it here's the thing here's the thing about my mom is like she really you know I'm she knows that it's you know she obviously knows that it's not it's not real like the story lines and stuff but she really hates the heels. eight from. that's what makes it fun you gotta get into it you got it yeah believe for a little bit yes everybody knows it's predetermined yeah but it's fun but she hates it she hates the heels and I love the I like I'm a heel guy I love the I like heels more than faces. I do you know I just think there I think it's more fun I think it would be more fun to be a heel in the face so all right we got to us more to wrestling stuff to talk about here SmackDown debuts tonight on fox and yeah so if you want to jump in three one two nine eight one seven two and a few more minutes of this so if you wanna get in here on a call or text right now three one two nine eight one seven two.

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