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His palace they most certainly knew each other yeah but that's where she bathed anyway maybe live someplace else but that that's separate bathroom facilities it's lost to history yeah so you riot as i've mentioned before was in the israeli army and he was he was off seething raba with the rest of the like you do like you do so david sent for bass sheva and had her brought to him and then he lay with her now it does not say in the text nor do the writers of the stories seem to give it whether or not best sheva kafer consent right no no no no right that's just just biblical scholar weighing in here consent was not a concept and in much of in much of the religious world it remains not a concept so it certainly wasn't a concept three thousand years well female isn't a concept especially if you're the king of anything right right right so sometime after this romantic evening slash kidnapping and rape bethsheba sent word to david that she was predators and this is a problem although david was king of israel his hold on power was tenuous as demonstrated by the fact that he had seized power from from an killed saul whose son was his his bff boyfriend has fuck buddy i think it actually says that it you know in the translate it does say that in the original hebrew but the translations vary this might be a good time right that we're in the king james version of the bible the only version that matters and of course david was almost thrown by one of his own sons if years later who almost had him put to death so it wasn't like you had a completely solid grip on the throne at this time therefore this pregnant pregnancy constituted a potentially dangerous scandal for him and could have collapsed the could have caused the collapse of the army if the army were to get win the david was back home fucking everybody's wives right right especially one of the the power friends right right right of the green berets yeah what do they call the stupid little hats they were i don't know israelites the israelite israeli soldiers yarmuk is the green yarmulke what i don't know what you're talking about all right moving on okay so david reached out to his main general joab and asked him to send you ride the hittite to give him a report on the war i love joab joab is my party great so you know david's expectation was right would come back giving the report go home sleep with his wife and wash away any evidence of suddenly suddenly his kid now not what are you talking about kid there's no bastard what exactly so you riot comes home gives his report to david david says thank you much you free to go you rial leaves but he doesn't go home he sleeps on the steps of the palace with the other servants yeah so they he's too dedicated to to the king david gets this gets word of this and brings back in and says why didn't you go home to your wife now here's what we get an interesting insight in the character of your riot and it's the only words he speaks in the entire story you're you're riot tells david quote the ark and israel and judah biden intents and my lord joab and the servants of the lord our encamped in open fields shall i then go into mine house to eat.

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Three Thousand Years discussed on The How-To Heretic

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