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Now out of the hospital. Sets in Miller WTO P news. The NTSB plans to release a preliminary report of their investigation into this crash in the next two to three weeks we're told. WTO PD is time, now two O 5, moments after the crash. Correctly, that single engine plane into the power lines over the weekend. The pilot 66 year old Patrick Merkel made a remarkably calm we're told, called to Montgomery county 9-1-1. Here it is. I've flown into a tower to the northwest of Gaithersburg airport. The calmness in his voice belies the predicament he and his passenger 66 year old Janet Williams were in. Trapped about 100 feet off the ground, their plane dangling from the tower. I'm just concerned about our articulation and the possibility that we could slip out of this tower. The 9-1-1 call taker asked about injuries and offered clear directions as first responders began the rescue. Stay inside of the plane, obviously, keep as still as you can. You're working on getting up to you guys. And emergency personnel stayed in constant contact with pilot and passenger during the ordeal. News. Sad news this morning in the political world locally, Virginia congressman, that'll McKeon has died after a long battle with cancer. He was only 61, a Democrat had just won reelection for a fourth term in Virginia's fourth district. His chief of staff says he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer back in 2013. Does the government waste money, really? This may be confirmation of that at least in the district. He fired off a letter last April asking D.C.'s watchdog the office of the auditor to take a look at why stuff doesn't seem to get fixed ever in the city in schools, or at least not in a timely fashion. Now council chair Phil mendelson says, the results are in and a lot of cash is being wasted. But the report confirms is that the central component of any good maintenance system, which is work orders, is a mess. In some work orders before and after photos were not the actual project, but stock images found on the Internet. Kyle Cooper news. He needs time now two O 7. Who calls the shots on where you can park or how land in your community is actually being developed. Montgomery county councilman Bruce got a preview recently of some proposed bills expected to come up for consideration in Annapolis, come this winter. One proposal would study shifting some of the powers of land use decisions away from the Montgomery county planning board and put it under local county control. Council member Andrew friedson objected. That's power grab. Friedson said that power should stay with the independent planning board, although the bill only calls for the study of the plan. Now their bills deal with who gets authority on off street parking near transit projects currently the county holds that power and where the fines from violations of passing school buses should end up. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. This is attorney

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