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Group called the instituted politics at the university of chicago and you see him also once and and i was a senior clinical commentator and he joins us now and i'm going out of podcast next week hey david right so i think i can go i'm gon any time into so you're on demand you're the do the phone the ball well david let's let's talk about this to get into is a smaller is you know the sal been given the not i think and represent something larger which is everything is so paul rise now entertainment is all political now apparently catalog shopping has become political what would you are a command to you know these groups to start boycotting american company is based on a political view of one of their board members and it was and to provide gonna question he hung up only lost a that's very ot but schedule in alabama online one show on the city if we can is going had my friend oh my god it makes it so much so much lower you know i'm i'm one of the million up the big or open out here weber card and my wife right hurt but you know i'm used to watch the indian but there having this week i've been pick a year ago and that it led the league who up the make al you and all that turned all donald trump and the the line year in where third check half wow yeah i.

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