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Secret servings by wasn't that secret. But it's not like publicize when out ocean beach particular street ends. Yeah. That that little area of ocean beach mantis, not a secret. But yes. Right. It's not as as publicly as populated places the novice because I don't wanna lose people. Honestly, because this is like surfing in the whole culture. I feel like he's kind of it is kind of a niche thing. Right. It's not like why it's up baseball or football. It's got its own thing. But I want to say at question chat. Cyrus real quick is like what he's talking about. Tony Tomas spots in different location for the layman out there who might go to ocean beach to walk their dog or go to Santa Cruz for the weekend and see the surfers down there. Like, you gotta know though. And I've learned this really through hanging out with you and reading a lot about surfing watching the Stacy Peralta movie. Yeah, riding giants. The dog towns stuff is we bought you. And I bonded on. Well, that's what triggered my interest. I even these amazing snowboarder, by the way. No Tony's an athlete, and I never realized like, this is amazing this stuff, and you and I had those conversations, but you can't just walk out to ocean beach and jump in and think it's gonna work. And that's the thing. I don't think people realize like the territorial aspect has curry even mentioned that he goes great spot down there. I don't know if it was pipes. But he mentioned the Spidey goes. But the people are not nice. Meaning don't don't lock you write off you're bored and be like to get out of my spot. Why do you think that is because the I think the kind of view if you will people that don't surface like surfers, go. Hey, dude. Yeah, man. But dude surfers turns out there's some of the most violent territorial like human genes, or at least they can go are it's because it's a what's that about limited resource. It's really that simple. It's just there's only spray painted zone that you won't see locals only at a crappy surf spot. It's only like people are territorial at good waves because there's select few rates ocean beach, for example sucks. See? All right. I've seen a lot of surfers at ocean beach. I have like I've watched them is Linda, mar better than ocean beach. Linda, Mars sucks too. But Linda Moore is a friendly beginner friendlier ocean beach sucks because what the temperature the current the waves and wind. Okay. So and and so so there's the thing is surfing called intervals? Right. So a great..

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