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Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. From the CBS four Colorado weather center. Snow and win this morning gradual clearing, the stink Kultida highs near freezing and wind chills in the teens tonight, clear low thirteen tomorrow sunny with a high of forty four right now twenty seven degrees. And really a lot of cloud cover here in the Denver tech center. Seven thirty two on Colorado's morning news. You haven't left your house yet your commute? Does not look like a lot of fun this morning. It's going to be a slow sloppy one due to the winter weather that hit overnight. And then again this morning around five AM, national weather service forecaster Frank Cooper tells us it's not the snow as much as the wind that's causing problems it blows, whatever snow, even if it was light snow, it ends up blowing and drifting it and causing issues for travelers when they're trying to get from one place to the other. So it can be a real problem. And then of course, there's wind chill associated with it too. While main roads will likely just be wet. There are some icy patches leftover from last night's storm, but a new system blowing in right now with more snow and seats Natasha Farah says plow drivers are working on it about two hundred in the Mets. Zero area obviously are getting out there. Trying to get that snow taking care of the ice in the streets for you for your busy morning drive. So be aware of those cdot plows as you head off to work this morning, KOA NewsRadio is kind of street. He's been out on the roads this morning to give us a picture of what he's been seeing in places like Castle Rock. Good morning. Connor. What are you seeing? So far and good morning Marty. It is still snowing here but much lighter than it has most of the morning still as you heard from Frank. It doesn't really matter. Wind is what the biggest issue this. Dr.

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