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Just wondering the second date, and he was off to the AFC championship game in Kansas City. So but two different. I guess I guess he figured if I drive if I go in two different cars, you'll never figure it out. Now. House show. But. The Yankees signed Severino a while ago now designing Hicks. And I think also when we didn't even bring this up a lot of these guys probably could have got more money. But you ask yourself. Like Tulu Lewinsky said I wanted to play for the Yankees watching telecasts yesterday. A lot of teams interested in when he had his workout to show that he was healthy and Latina interested. But he said I want to go to the Yankees. And I think Severino Hicks and a few other guys they want to stay here. So they didn't take much money as they could possibly get. And then maybe run the risk of the Yankees saying, no, that's okay. Because you not going gonna have to pay judge at some point. And Lord knows a thing standing for a while. And then the Sanchez there'll be more. You're a good team with good players. You gotta pay him. It is always floating around back into the mind if trout's available. How do we how do we approach that? He's going to tell you. I want forty million dollars. You're going to say. I think it also puts puts Cashman hotseat because it's been a while. We had a light question when I asked which which team would cause this city. Go nuts if they wanna championship because it's been so long. Me dynasty in the nineties into two thousand you just you just gotta smile on your face all the time. Well, that's been around for a while. Because nothing's happened. I think it'd be the Knicks because it says they've been really bad. Some good teams and some like the Rangers and every every team has had a good year here and there, but not the championship year Mets have been. So so far so long as dick Barnett here on on Saturday. I asked him why was the the love affair so strong between the team and the fans because we hadn't won anything before your Knicks have been in finals in the fifties. And never one. This is the first one. If you're a met fan, eighty six was great. But if you're old enough you remember sixty nine that's the first. But now, I it's. They're trying to set up for the future because they know they have a lot of money to spend down the road. If judged as healthy, and he gives you forty home runs again. And maybe he's in the running for 'em VP. You're gonna have to pay the guy. Faith of the Yankees. Could he be a captain? Maybe if they want to go that route again. And you know, you saw some good signs in one game, you know, to Lewinsky look, really smooth plains short. I was I was apprised. I'd say know, I wonder if I was gonna walk away saying, you know, what? He's a either a D H. But no he looked. He looked very very smooth. Especially coming in on a couple of balls. And I was like oh, man. We'll see. But you never know how long he's going to be healthy. Packs pitch. Well, two shutout innings Vermont pitch. Well, two shutout innings Sesa pitch. Well, two shutout innings. Mets synagogue pitch. Well to shut out innings. But you know, it's early we got a ways to go. But I think the Yankees are trying to transition themselves to be something special in the future by by liking in their best players. Now, I always wondered about Floreal because they always talked about, you know, he was the, you know, here's the heir-apparent a field. So I mean, if he shows that he is that guy is Hicks. Go over to left field. But then again, if if. If Clint Frazier has a really good spring, and he makes the club and at the starting left fielder, and he excels, and he doesn't get hurt. Maybe Florio's partisan package to get a pitcher down the road. Because think about your way we'll go if I'm flurry. My young twenty's Hicks is twenty nine and. Fridges not that old when when do I get to play? So I would think he's gonna you saw the Yankees got traded over the last couple of years for for various people like sunny gray and whatnot. That's that. They're gonna do again. Try and get somebody could come in here and. Kick butt, but deal you're going to have to pay for it. The nets won tonight last night. Boss, spurs. I didn't realize it one seven on the road. Harrison. I we're talking about the rodeos in town. You gotta get out but Spurs wondering that doesn't seem right. And he lost it the Knicks when I just couldn't believe I know nobody had the Knicks beat the Spurs. Nobody. And he played without Dion Jordan and then Mitchell ram fifteen and sixteen and fifteen six fifteen and fourteen a good game. But the nets won they held the Spurs at thirty six from the field. Sixteen percent from the from three. And Russell show. You know, he was he was a deserving all star twenty three rebounds, eight assists. Steal a block. I I just like his play like this game. What if he's smiling magic when he sees every once in a while? The turmoil is going on over there. But that's that's what happened and it worked out it worked out fine for Russell. And I told you we adopted dick Barnett in studio on. Saturday night, spend two hours with us. The funniest part was when the talk about ten minutes to midnight and the phone rang while we're doing the interview says, I gotta take this excuse me. Go ahead. And he said, oh, it's my family. They're wondering, what am I coming home? Hey, that's a little while after that. But he was you know, he he just talked about that great knick team. And how smart they were. Actually, you guys had so many various careers or varied careers after the F is your playing days were over. You got your doctrine Willis was a coach and Bush was an executive Bradley ran for US Senator phrases the wordsmith. And this. Lucas is still memorizing phone books. Everybody was was just. Swan on the courts one off the court. And I think if you're old enough to remember those teams. Ticked off about the way they play. Now. Someone said tonight, how can you be that bad for that long? Every once in a while you you'll have a good season where you get close. It doesn't happen. But tennis like always the rebuild. It's always crash and burn start all over and crash and burn start all over like nothing like. It's like you need to find a, you know. Building a championship for dummies book. A yo y'all yellow book you find a bookstore because maybe they can steal something from that. And make make a go out Lord knows. How could it be that? You know, what the problem is with the Knicks? No luck. That's a problem with most of this. Boy seems right now they have no luck a little bit of talent. Little bit of brain's not a lot of luck that which you need. Eight seven seven three thousand seven sixty six sixty six Tony page. Come back with your calls prefers the CBS sports minute with Amy Lawrence. 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