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Just have to buy into the cheesiness, and then you can enjoy it so excited about because he Has seen credit kid many times like he's knows the were the lines and there was a part with the guy who's like put him in a body bag since increase. Okay, So yeah, There's a thing with him where it's a call back to that. And that guy he ate at lunch yesterday He sat there and told me this five minute story about Cobra Kai and I was like, huh? Great guys. You know, you know, the guy that says, put him in a body bag. I'm like, No, I don't for that, but it's so great for fans original fan, and I wasn't even a fan of karate kid. I'm just vaguely familiar at once. Yeah, me too. Me too. But it is it is. Yeah, you do. You buy into the cheesiness and you go, But even that guy Sensei Chris put him in a body bag, even his character cheesy, Yes, but he also delivers some lines that just make you He's easy to hate. Oh, it was very easy to hate. And then and then they try to get you to have a little bit of sympathy for him or at least understanding of where he's come from. He told an interesting story. That actor whose name escapes me at the moment, but the guy who played since a crease in the original Karate Kid and Alice back in Cobra Kai He wanted to be in a Quentin Tarantino movie, Tarantino. I'll tell the story. I think this way Tarantino comes up to him on the red carpet. Oh, I love this guy. We should work together some day, and then he gets his. He gets Tarantino's number two like his agent or manager. Whatever. And so the actor was so excited about this, and the next week he calls him up. Nothing doesn't hear back few months later calls him up again. Nothing a few years go by. And then finally he sees Tarantino at a party or something like that. And then he's like, You know what I have to lose goes up and says, Hey, you know, I don't wanna bug out enough. Was it your number? Whatever. And he was like, Look, I've heard you go. If you call this many times, then you need to be in a movie of mine. I mean, you really want to be And then I believe you put him in. I think it was that No, it was the Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt movie. Departed. Oh, once upon a time in Hollywood. Yes, he's in there, right? That's a great movie. I think. I think it's kind of a bit role as an actor in one of the movies, But anyway, Tarantino did that so point the What's the lesson for the group? Never give up. Never give. I needed to hear that squeaky wheel gets the grease and the only thing you can be afraid of Is no. And a no ain't gonna break yet. But you may as well Just dig until until you realize you're at the bottom of the hole. I agree. Thank you. Stay advice. Motivational. Speaking with Steve, another lorry and Julia Moment fives vaccinated fully. I go get 5%. Hold your horses. He's made candles left. Yeah,.

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