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We did last name. There's two episodes row alpha. Got The energy for that. That is more than one Michael Jordan episode though which is pretty cool they call it the go episode. You kind of look like so that works out. You eat everything like a goat so I would need to go to a navy ago tonight. Yeah tonight we have a very special guest with US tonight true. Would you like to introduce guest? I mean she's okay. It is my wife Sarah Spivey. Welcome to the show you. Thanks for having me no problem. We really appreciate you coming out this way. You're welcome anytime. Thinks the right over here now. Usually what we're doing though but it is. We like to talk about what's gone on this week for us so we did the live. Show Sarah what's been new with you this week. Let's see this week. Matic's has decided medics are one year old son to throw tantrums. So that's been Super Fun. He's turned into a sour patch. Kid So he's mean and then sweet it's been so I really enjoy our pets. Yes I agree surprise. Kids are good. I also I like the way that maddox is doing. Things your story where. He's like an like an abusive relationship. Where like hits your stuff? And then he gives you a hug and then you're fine with it. Yes so he has this lovely toy airplane that he has decided is the perfect weapon to hit me with but he hit me with it. Three times then came over. Tapped me on the shoulder said Mama and then gave me a big hug. And it's like a cycle of abuse he's mean and then he's kind and the forgive all of his indiscretions. He's lucky that he's cute because he gets away with a lot of stuff with us. That is for sure. All right. You ready to jump into this show. I think we should get going into the show. I said I can't wait to hear about serves food choices because I'm sure they're going to be very much spivey special type food I don't. This is GonNa be very off brands. That may be true. We have to Google what she's talking about like celery with the I'm out what's a vegetable. I.

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