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Be some of that but at the end you know but one shot deal. I'm an animal lover so but a cat no pressure but i'll do the one shot deal with the dog. I'll do the wanna shy. Are you go are you escorting the almighty mikhail to pick up. The dog toys. It okay that he picked up the dog on his. It depends how the day is going if i have time. We can go if you need to go there by yourself. Today is going in your mind or just physically being so good. It was going to be out of our way. You know you can go get it where she could drop it. Drop boy drop the dog dogs. Drop it off. When you're available. Will somebody will be there to collect dog him or i had a better everything food. Bowl snacks leash. We'll be webbing take it's become law. Michelle harvey one. Show featuring up team you wanna have a good time may show you stop and i m you located eight thirty one south delaware dr here east of his the awful american cuisine and a twist cocktails a wednesdays and thursdays they have a dj site. Also friday and saturday. He had this move south of a local artists featuring jazz. Or be when you stop and make sure you tell them to show heavy. Mona show cinch..

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