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Oppenheimer from I robot dot com. How are you doing today? Miss. Okay. We have a beautiful put up team called the roomba. It is a robot which cleans the house for you. Yeah. Commercials. But I'm not a distinct for just two hundred and twenty nine dollars ninety nine cents. No, thank you continue some literature on this. Hello. This is Mr Michael Oppenheimer with room. I didn't tell you. I'm not interested. I'm not I'm in a rush going out. I I have to go because I was waiting for me. You'll have available to scuba which is the world's first robotic fear washer. I can't afford it right now. I cannot afford it. I I don't want it. I'm not interested. We've consulted to scuba to never have to wash your floors caning personnel. If they're like are you machine or are you a real person new? I'm real the IRO is is the machine. I'm really pleased to call me on the at the door right now. All right. I gotta go doing this. Oh, yes. Can if this Mr Michael Oppenheimer from I robot dot com has everything. Now mclean. To look you you clean the house a lot. I'm out at that. Like, I robot. I want to send one to your house. I'm sorry. The police. Oh, police cannot. Not go to police will not clean your floor the way the room. But does miss we'd like to send you one? Nick. Clean the floor. Ooh. Thank you. Call the cops. Okay. Guess ridiculous. Worried. Now, she can't get me. I was about to go out the door. She she. She's she she's like, Too she's. old. Okay. Something I'm maybe that means she can't do a lot of cleaning. And she liked the room. But to do it. Carpeting tiles. That's perfect because. I'm going to call the cops the scuba white the scuba side, kicking McLean. Just roomba. Mighty. The crap out of jail like you have an elderly person in the house. Maybe they can't see as well as they used to. To speak with you. This is my point you call fifty times, I. The IRA, but was named time magazine. You did. Time magazine's most amazing invention of two thousand five. I do not care. Would you like your house to be picking spent? I could have single day on clean on the somebody cleaned ohi. Have you to send you one of these? Do you understand? Rube understand dirt. Why not miss? Glenn doesn't make Buna Tully for Christmas. Moves dirt at virtually every credit. Glides back and forth across your floor for hours. Nick spaghetti. No for hundred fifty lire. I will. Yes, it tell you. Yes. Yes. I.

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