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And then they blast some lightning from borden cliff Tower later and they kind of forced the skipper to retreat. Maybe we'll see them again. At some point I hope so I I liked him. I said I thought they were very very good And and we'll see see what happens but yeah it was just the right around creepy nece So I was gap. This was good. I I think there are definitely a step up. From the drags from orphan fifty. Yeah I agree too much more intimidated. Yes and I think better special effects in my opinion I agree all right anything else about this episode. Where move on? I can't think think of anything all right so What's your favorite quotes of this episode? So I have a few of the I kind of made a joke about that very early but the doctor makes a joke of when they the Queen is going to be there. If I known you were going to get a Ro visit. I'd put the kettle on John. I was good yes and then We're and then I've already talked about it but I love gram going. Don't worry this ain't our first Rodeo and Ryan. We've never been to a Rodeo grant. You're not helping Ryan just a banner between those and I love the I did not write it down. But when they go when the assistant is going like. Is this pretty normal for you guys and like yeah. This is pretty much a day the last one I had. And then I'll let you go is DIKLA TESLA says. Who are you an Dr some of the fast way out of here And he has the unique way of saying Bigger on the inside. Yes I have okay. Good lease all right. Thank so Without On that note. Yeah Nikola Nikola Tesla gets to go inside the tars you guys so that had to be pretty cool right especially Nikola Tesla now. Why Nikola Tesla got to keep his memories but Eight a lovelace couldn't yeah. I have no idea yet. I have no idea but maybe figure well eighty Kinda learned things that she shouldn't have learned but maybe Tesla didn't get to figure out anything that he didn't already. Now I guess but anyway so his quote quote is his description of the Tartus so this is obviously from a much more SCIENC- perspective and goes instead of saying bigger on the inside. He says the internal dimensions transcend the external guess which is a fancy way of saying that bigger on the inside. Absolutely yes the doctor. I think one of her rather Q.. Quotes was she's talking and says Luckily high-speed inventing is one and my specialisms and everybody had a rushed. The computer is like specialisms. Is that a word yes turns out. Yeah it is go figure One of the when the doctor shows up on the scholarship She doesn't Nice a little nod to the fourth doctor. Tom Baker. Aw so with with this line where she says nice place. You've got here probably which is a nod hi to Tom. Baker in city of death okay written written by Douglas Adams my one of my favorite authors and former script editor on doctor. Who when when he had the Tom Tom Baker's doctor? Delivered the line to this one female villain and he says you're a beautiful forewoman. Probably that's good. I like that I'm sure that was a direct nod to that. Yeah that's that's that's really fun. Good and I. Of course Tesla's quote The president is there I worked for the future and future is mine. Nice paraphrased said but it sounds pretty. Cool absolutely paraphrasing bills. Go very very cool. Yes all right so What's your rating for this? Why well I like this one lot? it it. It was I I just felt really a classic well done who I do not think they've been overly political but there isn't even a hint of politicisation in this one one You know so I'm gonNA give it Eight and a half out of ten Niagara Falls views. Thanks thanks Charlie I turn yes. I step inch bank. So we're in sync. Believe it or not I also give it eight and a half but I gave eight and a half glowing Fassa or I really like this one. It's solid episode of Doctor. Who uh-huh anybody? Who says they have a problem with this episode of Doctor? Who probably doesn't like doctor WHO and you shouldn't be listening to them? Yeah so yeah I agree I mean I mean this is just it was just really well done perfectly decent episode it just India and not just I mean this was just what they do. The best and Rate cast good deal until a lot of fun. Yeah I bet you Charles you have a classic episode this remind and you of well. That's only because we always do that every time we talk a modern episode. All right. So we're going to reverse the player in the neutron flow back back to nineteen eighty five K.. To the mark of the Rani who okay. This is an episode. We've talked about here. The next stop everywhere. The third serial from season twenty two. So That's during the Colin Baker era written by pip and Jane Baker and in this one in the nineteenth century mining village of Killingsworth England. Miners are being gassed. In the wash house and transformed orange two thugs and vandals attacking men and machinery being perceived as Luddites by other locals the six doctrine Perry arrive and witness the phenomenon while looking for the cause of time distortion sound familiar. Yes the and the doctor. Notices one of the miners has a strange red mark on his neck. Meanwhile the master turns up and confronts the old woman who runs the Wash House who surprise is actually another time Lord known as the Ronnie and the Ronney is gifted chemist with very low ethics. It's kind of like you know Thomson Likes She's been using the wash house to anesthetize the miners in distill still from them the neuro chemicals that enable sleep which causes the red mark on the victims. Okay now these chemicals are then synthesized for for us back on me as MIA Goria a planet that she rules where her other experiments have left the inhabitants without the ability to sleep. Okay awkward The master convinces her. They need to deal with the doctor together. And the to form an uneasy alliance dressed as a minor The doctor infiltrates the Wash House. where he soon deduces the brownies schemes? She entraps him. Strapping them to the top of mind card. As a group of rowdy miners miners push him toward the gaping interests to the mineshaft. Luckily the inventor George Stevenson saves the doctor just in time so we have a real life inventor. Kinda just yeah theory. Oh here's well sure. Stevenson is planned meeting of scientific and engineering geniuses but the a master wants to use the finest brains the industrial revolution to help speed up the Earth's development and then use the planet as a power base to take over the rest of the universe verse. Good he's strikes deal with Ronnie's that makes you return to Earth any time to harvest more brain fluid if she helps him achieve this now while the villains are away the doctor returns to the wash house dodgers the booby traps and finds the way his way into the Rani's Tartus. Her control room contains jars of preserved dinosaur store embryos now afterwards. The doctor later surprised at the master. The Rani briefly takes them prisoner. They flee in her tartus however ever. The doctor has sabotaged the navigational system and philosophy regulator in the shift starts heading out of control in the destabilize condition. One of the judge jars containing embryo tyrannosaurus. Rex Falls to the floor. And the creature begins to grow affected by the time. Spillage the master and the Rani are stuck against one of the walls of the Rani's Tartus due to the speed at which they're traveling in her helplessly at the mercy of the rapidly ageing immature. Try rant Soroush wrecks the doctrine Perry meanwhile With the threat of the master on the Ryan taking care of leave a file of Bringing Fluid for George Stevenson telling him and the other is to affect to administer it to the affected minor so that they can get back to normal and then before George. Stevenson's astonished is the Tortoise dematerialize. Good all right nice. So if you're kind of in the mood you know watch Nikola Tesla's night of terror go back and and check out the mark of the Rhine good very nice all right in the class so we do have some listener feedback this time. So we've got David Kay proctor and Holly Mac so Jesse do you want to read David guest email. pull it up. I read holly this time. I appreciate the quick turnaround guys. That's really great on it. Yeah all right David. It's yeah go ahead and read. David's hollies yeah A brief word about orphan fifty five. It wasn't a popular episode and I gave it a higher rating than most often. I will find that an episode perhaps doesn't get played over over like some others but any new hope new new who is a plus. I'm just so excited about this show that I can't get enough though. That's we absolutely nothing wrong with absolutely that is that is a sign that you are on the right track service. Nikola Tesla is one of my favorite figures from history. Edison who definitely flint had a great impact was a Douche nozzle the mini series from Earth and moon talks about how he stole the French movie voyage to the Moon. Leaving the filmmaker broke this episode of doctor who seems to capture the essence of the man. Sometimes I hate that. Money is the only motivation toward progress. Well money and war doctor who was originally meant to be educational as well as entertaining. I love this episode. I give it nine point. Five Tesla generators. Thank you David. Kay proctor. P. S. Thomas Edison once electrocuted cupid elephant. Just to prove a point. You can see it on Youtube. I don't really recommend it. But that's what kind of poop Stain Edison was. Tell us what you really think. David I love that. Thank you so much. I want to know what they have point. Deduction is So what didn't you like. Yes was it was it just because it had had Thomas Edison being additional. Yes yeah but Yeah thank you David. Always great to hear from you. And you've been you've been killing it this season As we as we talk series twelve so Always great to hear from you and so on joining David also getting right in on on that Even with a quick turnaround So I'm going to give points to holly Mac as well. So Holly from Wisconsin writes in. Hey Charles and Jessie that's us. That's US US crazy right To answer your question from last episode I don't know Adrian from Wisconsin But it's nice is knowing that there's another movie and in the State of Wisconsin listening to the podcast so I said Wisconsin's representatives. They are so everybody else. Step Up. Right So points to Wisconsin This was a fun romp of an episode and Having seen both seasons of timeless this had a timeless feel Because you guessed it. The actor who played Tesla was one of the leads timeless. Yes he was and well said.

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