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You first meet loria a measure in london and 19 seventy eight and we were both living in the same uh boardinghouse i suppose hunt was a house loved no actors youth to live the late who ran the house was the former act wilson uh and she had this gorgeous house in primrose helping henry's road as she to let rooms directives i was one of the one i lived up the top up in the color attic room overlooking the ray away lives which i was just so romantic and wonderful and hit the trains kind of food getting everywhere all of the country in the time and i feel i like it here and then uh gloria turned up did you i had no idea who was in them and sarah the new that i made his had hey i've got a big surprise gloria graham is renting mike groundfloor apartment it's quite pulse compared to michelman and she had you know a bathroom a kitchen a living room and the bedroom and it was kind of reading need turn wonderful and i would as in the movie i would hear her walk down the stairs like the male unto god go out and i hit this strange woman and the rome doing have voiced sexes i look at the bar pa pa one uh this guy on and that won't geisha little actually a cheated hey uh can you led me four pound seventy five michael seventy 75 what you're going to do a phoner bound 75 but not long arrived and she didn't have any kind of cash and she hasn't opened to bank accounts roilo levelpar and revive as she did pay me back with a cheque about a week later but she foot shook the dayton everything an absolutely broken i couldn't catch you there and i still happy you so how hail have it i still have the turk and then one day she opened the door as in our movie as he said dr hey can you hustle because i'm going to do john's close join me and um and i do we got to know each other really joe became really good friends in a very short amount of time refute we you know we catch at the theatre me go on walks around london and i should say in the movie here pay by jimmy bell so i guess you really good at hustling there i.

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