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Yamaguchi. Three-month wait now. That doesn't time liberated myself on a motivational monday. Yeah do the dance and filling good this morning when the last bobby cologne or two part question Do you get up and dancer in the morning. There's been times and have you done it new by before going to the baffling weight into that bathroom. It usually new. Because that's usually how i sleep so it's so it's so i get up and they get bathroom. I really put it on a blast. It i'm just getting dressed dancing house now. Now city says she. She usually liberates herself for less than a minute. 'cause he said there's a lot going on. I got a lot going on but she added more more than a minute of liberation. I danced for the whole song. Oh let's get him out of the house in the nude inonu up. Motorists snowing need to get into which itself. I'm feeling like. I said i'm a dancer. You know little energy. I think it's good. They do say when you feel like the little bursts of energy you know you need to let it out. So i feel good. I do that. I let loose so shady. Maybe i just don't do not get it city. I think maybe you might want to challenge yourself doing challenges on the on social media. Challenge minute new challenge before you go to the bathroom. Wait while your favorite songs playing. Maybe may be something you.

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