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The move is the result of the FTC in the department of Justice. The US government's leading anti-trust enforcement agencies quietly divvying up competition, oversight of two of the country's top tech companies, the other, of course being Google. They are watching them closely Israel carry it out. Airstrikes in Syria on Sunday at response to rare rocket fire from its neighboring country, or you do its military with a war monitor reporting that ten soldiers from Syria, were killed, and some other foreign fighters has Woolas chief is warning that a war in the Gulf against Iran could engulf the region. Meanwhile, just weeks after secretary of state, Mike Pompeo announced over nude pressure campaign, targeting rans, energy sector, America's top diplomat said the Trump administration is willing to talk with Iran with no preconditions, but he added that the sanctions that have crippled Iran's economy will remain in effect. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia continues having issues with Iran. Could there be at talk of war? Let's check in with Dr Jerome Corsi, author of atomic around, Jerry. What do you think of the prospects of Saudi Arabia going to war with Iran? I think they're increasing Georgia because Saudi Arabia right now is trying to put together. A coalition of Gulf states to oppose Iran, and really the, the conflict in the in the whole region is between the Shiites in Iran, and the Sudanese in Saudi Arabia as badly as hates Israel. They hate Saudi Arabia just about, as bad can Saudi Arabia beat Iran, without US help, probably not George. I think that's really the key issue. And right now. The Trump administration is trying to go the route of sanctions to really economically punish Iran for again engaging in nuclear weapons. Iran has ramped up his nuclear program, once again, with centrifuges producing highly wrench, Iranian now that the agreement that secretary Kerry, it negotiated under the Obama administration has been cancelled by the Trump administration engines in the region. I think at this point increasing their highest level they've been longtime, Jerry. Yes, that's correct. And the likelihood of a war, or an incident provoking a war right now is it's been years. Keep in touch with Dr Jerome Corsi. If North Korea's leader Kim Jon on his Accu cute at a top official over his handling of new killer toxin Hanoi the US North Korean diplomats says he has not gotten word. Let's check in with Charles r Smith. Are. Expert on such matters Charles, what do you think about this situation? Did Kim really killed the sky? Apparently not because he has already appeared in the press. So they say. Yeah. Well, he may have been kind of demoted, because he was ranked ten out of twelve appearing at a recent conference. But for all practical purposes, maybe lost a little bit of showing but at this point he's still alive. He's still breathing eating appear to have any holes in him. What do you think tend to happen between North Korea and tensions are still there, what's going to happen? More of the same. We'll have a couple of hats, we've seen them shoot. A couple of very short range ballistic missiles. We've engaged in some conversations with South Koreans about purchasing more f thirty five fairy taking possession of some so just expect to see like I said, more of the same, you know, we're going to see Kim looking to get a check out of this, and, and our guys looking to get assurances he's not going to do anything crazy, Charles website, soft, war dot net. Drivers in the loan state of Texas or about to be seen less read than Texas. Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he has signed legislation that bans red light cameras across the state. The house Bill thirteen sixty one there authored by a Republican save Representative would prohibit the use of photographic traffic signal enforcement systems. At least seven states, are trying to ban them. Altogether. Dr John Curtis. Online columnists dot com with us here. I'm sure a lot of drivers wouldn't mind banning these red light cameras, John, no question about it. I mean you go to places like Culver city and you see the city is wired, like almost every couple of blocks, there seems like a red light cameras, like one of the danger most dangerous places to drive. I think in the United States right now. But I think you know, when you consider the fact that Los Angeles had the wisdom city council Bandmann in twenty eleven when defect in two thousand twelve so that's a long time ago in LA, as you know, is one of the largest municipalities in the country, certainly with the most automobiles. I think it's a violation of due process for most people, the revenue that is brought into the state is unquestionably almost obscene amount of revenue. I don't know if you know there's a red light ticket in California right now cost an average of four hundred ninety dollars. Geez. S one ticket for one one ticket. And you know they tack on all these additional fees. It's like buying a gallon gas in California. I mean, everything is like tax. We have such a, you know, the legislature never met a tax. It didn't like and back there's a new one coming on on Tuesday. Hope people are paying attention about where the school board is asking to take if you can believe this one hundred and sixty dollars out of every thousand square feet you own a home. And there's some people that own a lot of square footage, there's some homes near where I live where they have fifty and sixty thousand square foot homes that Matt would amount to a lot of property tax. But I think it's never government overreach. You know, these red light cameras in a time, you know, they get rid of them because I think they really do violate the fourteenth amendment for most people, one of the problems too, is always been the driver saying, I wasn't in the car, I lent it out. They do that. And they, they, they also rig the, the yellow white timing, sake one that big green goes to read almost immediately. And so you're stuck you're caught on camera. Absolutely. All right. John. Thank you, John. Curtis online, columnist dot com Spanish YouTube star who pranked a homeless man by filling in Oriole cookie with toothpaste was sentenced to fifteen months in prison and owes the victim twenty two thousand three hundred dollars. What's wrong with people bid PO bitcoin has a lingering problem that few people are talking about amid the renewed exuberance in the price surge this year? That is more than doubled. Its value hardly anyone is using the world's largest crypto currency for anything beyond speculation. They say what else is going on in the criminal world in a moment. Then misery joins us in a moment is latest book, bitcoin billionaires on coast to coast AM..

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