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Dwight yoakam showing my age here too. So we'll get a little taste of everything. I think that i'm excited about the rodeos seen one life that's gonna it's gonna be it's gonna be a blast looking forward to it very much as well all right mayor. Well i want to switch gears here. A little bit about There's there's a piece in the Greeley tribune about governor polls sending some wildfire. Recovery mitigation bills. Greely is playing a role in this right after the cameron peak. Fire the watershed. The runoff is starting to hit full full effect. Now what does the city of greeley doing to help with some of that recovery to prevent some rozier and things like that. well some. it's a mess up to be candid with you. Or i was up at the Camera peak fire scene shortly after the fire was out and a lot of it. Well it isn't necessarily visible to the naked is especially up around chambers like City agree has believed about forty million dollars damage to as you alluded to the watershed the sediment in the water. And then there's the runoff is coming now and there's not a lot we can do about the runoff but monitoring we've already had over four banks a couple of times and had to close a couple of phases of of the putter trail but we have got state officials With the governor police and about three weeks ago maybe a month ago Couple of from the city met Both senators and bennett and secretary of agriculture tom. They'll sack from the From the biden cabinet Up in the area took him on a tour of the damage that primarily cities of greeley and fort collins Had regard do it regarding the fire..

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