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Axa voidance a lot of this stuff is not secret again it's within the bounds of the law so in this latest set of leaks his probably not that much that the tax authorities of uk and other jurisdictions i that didn't know already or couldn't have found out fairly easily through the existing information exchanges so this is much more one for celebrity gossip than actually for raising any more tax or putting people in jail for financial crime tributaries that back from these revelations in just look at the global toxics them on the many politicians who demanding for one for both ways a tightening up some idea that there is always money slushing around the world avoiding motivating bo voiding tax often is being made in one place but it just gets relocated for the sake of taking advantage of illegal tax regime what would it tight kind of international cooperation what kind of institutional reform to get a grip on this problem because i i tend to agree with you we could have one of these leaks every year to kingdom come yet and it's not really going to change the behaviour the counts so what would i think in some ways the problem is both easier and hotter than it's made out to be um it's easier because transparency as much more advanced in financial and fiscal affairs than it was ten years ago but it's harder because the problem was largely one of political will rather than tracking down secret information so going back to the bona you to example the tax story there is not ownership partnership of some lithuanian shopping mall it's the fact that all of you to use intellectual property was actually located in the netherlands to take advantage of favourable tax treaty now you to and far more on they music catalogue than i do in some small share of lithuanian shopping mall but because the netherlands doesn't have nice speeches in palm trees people dinosaurs yet it as being a tax haven again similar sorts of things in luxembourg an island and not least in britain.

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