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Six, five, six, five, four. I'll answer questions. Patrick thinking of the right there, you know, tagging, Kirk cousins, multiple years in a row and what that does to their business over all. And you know the fan base, you see this, you know the their first time opener, their fifty thousand people there as a life on Redskin fan. I'm thirty years old. I've felt more apathetic about fifteen than I have ever and I think it's because of the three years of uncertainty of tags. And you know, I think it's something that probably negatively impacted the franchise in terms of their fan base and by something that hasn't really been seen the NFL. I just wonder if other people try to go through it with their player, you know, would that negatively impact their actual overall business and go your work? So keep up. Keep it up. Great question and listen, you're speaking to the choir here. I was born and raised in Washington. DC went to games from an early age has Redskin fan all the old RFK stadium before the one they're now playing in Landover. I'm actually going this weekend to see my old Packers play the Redskins down there. So huge fan growing up. I lost that phantom along the way. It's interesting with cousins because what they've done is really made him the most leverage player in recent memory in sports in the sport of football because they gave him these offers before the franchise tag that weren't really offers. They knew Bruce sounds of former agent. He knew those were not deals that Kirk cousins was gonna take any didn't take him. So they rented him for two years. Forty, four million dollars twenty. The first year twenty four. The second year was a good deal for them. Well, they didn't have to sock in sixty million guarantees, but probably not because they were just treading water. Kirk cousins was a player. They liked a lot of player. They didn't love. So what they did was make these kind of offers, maybe we can get him. Take it rather than offers that, you know, they know he would take. I think it set them back because again, they're playing with lame duck situations at the most important position. Now they've really shown their hand. They let cousins go get Alex Smith. They think they're more advantaged position with Alex Smith than they were with Kirk cousins. You know, I don't know. They had so many empty seats against the colts. I don't think they'll have a lefty seats against the Packers such draw rarely come to Washington, but this is so unique to me. I grew up where you couldn't get near Redskins game. It was the ticket in town at galvanized an area that you know me now more than ever needs cow nizing so much fuller vacation, so much division the Redskins were and it sounds like they no longer Aric lease according to Patrick these sport league team. The important thing in sports in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. It's funny as sad that that has changed. The cousins thing didn't help. Cousins was a lame duck. It seemed like the whole time they liked him. They didn't love him. And what was so Arana is they pick Robert Griffin to be the future of the franchise, and then they sorta throwaway pick in the fourth round. For cousins, cousins became the quarterback. Griffin was moved out. We all know that how that win. So hope that answers your question. Patrick, I feel your pain former Redskin fan, grew up die hard, and that has since changed. Let's go to Scott. I Andrew. My name is Scott quick question on the NFL scheduling. Do you ever foresee them scheduling games, fifteen to twenty minutes apart, much like March madness or games may start on the east coast like eleven AM. Second game, eleven twenty seven forty cetera. Maybe to increase your ship engagement, etcetera. P. think there could be some profits her teams. Thanks, Andrew, take their things. Got a great question. I think would what we're sort of stuck with at least now, and I don't know if it's going to change is kind of your fathers or even your grandfather's NFL in terms of scheduling in terms of the way the games are broadcast. I think that's got to change. I think it has to change first of all in terms of the time, the broadcast listen, I'm an older guy, and I still have trouble watching these games because of all the stoppages. It shouldn't take three plus hours to have an eleven minutes of action product. I think. Consumers are going to demand that I think that'd be shorter games. I think it's means more split-screen advertising, less savages, less breaks somehow they're able to do with revenues in soccer. I don't know why they can't do it in football, but that's just where we are. You bring up an interesting point about the staggered schedule to me. I think there's some reason which I'm really not sure of why all the games start at the same time, either one o'clock for lock or the night games to me, you would have more fan engagement with staggered times. For instance, we're in when I was in Green Bay. We started our early games at twelve when these coast, of course, that would be one why not start at one in Green Bay, there would be two on the east coast. So what and now you all these fantastic finishes coming the same time between four and four fifteen for twenty one have been tastic finish at four one, five, one, six, three at seven. And you know that to me is seems to be more fan engagement rather than. In less. Of course, the key defending gauge -ment now with legalized sports betting is just that there's gonna be more gambling. Who knows what these in game apps are going allow for. But that is really something to look at when you talk about what's going on. So I agree with you. I think it's a great question. I think staggered times make sense, and maybe with these new contract coming up in twenty twenty one which will include Amazon, which will include Twitter, which will include at least in the bidding process. Facebook, Google Yahoo had cetera will have more, I guess, less your father's NFL little more modern millennial, and that may include staggered time, Scott. Thanks for the question. Feel free to call in leave your message. I'll answer it on the podcast, four, eight, four, four one six, five, six, five, four, four, eight, four, four one, six, five, six, five, four final word from bed online that AG hosting their sports net challenge their picks of the week. They're locked the week. You talk about competition. The winner. This week was robbed, sister Nino. He picked off games correctly. He's the host. The rob has a podcast mostly time survivor contestant. He wanted to join the conversation on Twitter with hash tags, sports net challenge. 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