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Columbus closed from Roosevelt to belbow until seven o'clock this evening also. Randolf intermediate Randolph street Columbus drive and the lakefront that's all going to be shut down till twelve thirty also lower, Wacker is blocked from Jackson to lakeshore drive the. Edens, no delays in either direction the Kennedy coming. Inbound now that's cleared twenty minutes O'Hare into downtown ten from the junction eight in the express outbound is slow from, Harlem to Cumberland with roadwork in, the left lane. Until eight o'clock on the Eisenhower. And, that earlier. Closure has been it's been, all. Cleaned up now we have a delay though Kenzi to western and that's, due to some road construction. Thirty two minutes route three ninety two downtown. Nineteen for Mannheim outbound is clear Stevenson looks great. In either direction and the Dan Ryan moving, along well I've at, the seven the Bishop Ford no problems there on lakeshore drive the ramp from Lakeshore drive to Randolph his shut. Down for the triathlon and from Hollywood to Randolph on the. Outbound southbound side that's closed until noon no delays really on any of the area tollways and I eighty ninety. Four checking and find all the roads in northwest Indiana look good get traffic and weather together. On the it's every. Ten minutes on, News Radio seven eighty five point nine FM the WBZ AccuWeather forecast fog. Early on today then we'll see partly sunny skies it'll be humid with a high of ninety three a, shower or thunderstorm tonight could be. Strong especially north of the. City otherwise partly cloudy and humid alot of seventy six and for tomorrow partly sunny breezy, and humid a high. Of ninety two right now it's seventy. One in Joliet. Seventy-six along the lakefront seventy five midway seventy four at O'Hare again. Heading, up to a partly, sunny and humid, high of ninety three.

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