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Things that a lot of guys wouldn't. And I appreciate that. Bob, Quinn's state of the line address here on seven sixty WJR Detroit. This is really changed too much. You know, I think I said this in the past either pre-draft or during the draft when you're drafting at twenty one or even sixteen you know, there's five or six players, you don't really even spend a lot of time on because you know, they're going to go and the top couple, and, you know, you're not trading up because you don't have the ambition to go there. So it just widened the pool a little bit. We're gonna have to look at basically every player in that say top fifteen because you want wanna make sure if something if substitute you have your ready in your prepared to drop them in the evaluation to spot on. So just opens it up a little bit more. I would expect some I haven't got any yet. You know you coming from. Yeah. I think everything's on the table right now. And turns it inside or outside the organization, I think I think there's no timetable. We're going to get this. Right. There's no rush. The way this works in the NFL is you can't talk to people that are employed by the teams. So there's a there's a waiting period there's teams are still playing so our candidate pool is pretty wide right now. So we're gonna keep it wide until it narrows down. And then we'll go go hire the right guy. Excuse me, James. Is that right now? Marvin Jones researchers. Yeah. I'll give you guys a little background that too. Great question. Dave. So when you're getting down to the days before the trade deadline. Like, I said about the tight end we've talked to a lot of other teams tied Enzo were making pretty significant salaries. So you never want to have to say I can't do a deal because I don't have the cap space. That's not good business. So. There was deals being talked about which were not close. Okay. But I made the decision to give us the cap space. So come that Tuesday. If a trade was there I didn't have to run down and chase down Marvin Jones to sign a contract renegotiation. So it was more of a clerical thing to kind of give us a space that? Yeah. So Robert was only here for day. I'm not going to get into the specifics of why he wasn't here. Why he didn't make it here? Different personnel. Decisions are different reach player. So I'm going to get into that one. Yep..

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