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Guns Moakley son Mike yes yeah okay ready for good western yeah let's do it well this is going back to October twenty fourth nineteen fifty three called the buffalo hunter William Conrad stars as US marshal Matt Dillon here's part one of gun smoke gringos by sugar rice street that's just right suite is proud to present small around the city and in the territory on the west is just one way killers wonders and that's when the US marshal and the smell of guns smoke violence west young America the story of a man Dylan I get states Marshall dealing with those men down there but the game has quite a crowd so here you've got a wagon load a buffalo hide you wonder maybe they got a white was just the most as some might be interesting yeah this your wagon Mister all I skin for what's the crowd for curious others dinner got hurt me brought him in the dark what happens he heard bad bad no I didn't see any sense in bringing them into down all we we made in the here's gotten of now Chester got the docks and see what you can find out yeah and that could take care of anything her mind that how is he is dead news then resigned on them to show them the moon just a minute god love them all the time show biz all mine and I want to talk to you anyway ash.

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