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But it will also be open architecture, and to the extent that you know, other products made sense for consumers, you know, we wanna make those available to them all with the idea of giving consumers control over their financial lives and helping them improve their financial well-being. So it sounds similar scene. A little bit in the UK of this marketplace model so the consumer gets to pick which itself s for them. Rob the Bank saying you need to have your financial life. Yeah. The the. That's true. Although I do think it's important that you have certain marketplaces that are just all about selling selling selling selling. And they think you the way clarity does it. And the way we continue to want to continue to do. It is to make sure that it's truly on the side of the customer for product does not make sense for a customer. Let's not offer it to them. Do it in a way that's truly on the customer side, if the consumer obviously has hyping credit card debt, and we can offer them four five hundred basis points lower and help them finance that credit card debt and get them out of the cycle of debt faster. We should make that available to them. You should have a dozen credit card. Exactly. But if it doesn't make sense for them. Let's not offer it, and I think it's really important to do it in a way that's truly on the side of the customer. And so we've you've come to the UK with with the safe input other deposits, we leave you clarity money and some of the other products with the U K. So we're few weeks in into the gay. We're we're super excited by the early success that we've had we've gratified by the response that our customers have given us. They're just in a few weeks after launch we've opened over seventy five thousand accounts, we have over two billion dollars in deposits, and we're we're super gratified by the response we've gotten, but it's early days. We obviously want to continue to grow this platform. But look overtime just like in the US will look to add additional products that makes sense for our for our consumers, but still in the first innings. I endings of our UK deposits launch. Well, I thought I'm very excited for what comes next. Do. You have any go anywhere outside of the UK. Or is it just gonna see how it goes the business goes that maybe look I would say that were constantly looking at new opportunities. You know, nothing on the horizon nothing imminent, but you know, over time, of course, will look at other geographies in Europe that makes sense as well. But again as I said right now focuses on the UK. Well, thank you so much giving us your time. Thank you so much for joining if people wanted to find out more about you or about Marcus west, they go the Marcus linked to the case. Sure. Sure. So Marcus Dakota UK is our site in the in the UK, Marcus dot com site here clarity money as an app. That's available..

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