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And, you know, our parents at this point, it, we just couldn't meet the minimum order, and honestly that designer got frustrated, he quit on us. He was. Yeah, he quit, you quit on us. And I'll tell you this much that was very frustrating. It was extremely frustrating because we didn't have a footwear background. We didn't have a fashion background and it seemed like we weren't going to break through this wall of getting this product manufactured. So I graduated I moved to Nigeria. With j g and at this point, I was working on the business. Full-time J G was working fulltime with Viacom, so he was pursuing his career in media, entertainment, and technology as he planned. But he was helping me part time, and I found myself, you know, I have my moments where I did kind of want to give up, but I said, you know, what's happy, every day you're going to get out of the house, and you're just gonna talk to other entrepreneurs so there is this ice cream pot parlor in Lagos, that a lot of other entrepreneurs, went to almost like our local, Starbucks, though, you're there, all day with, like you order that one or two cups of tea or whatever it was, and you're sitting there on your laptop, they had free wifi as long as you bought something, and literally, it wasn't until two years in two to this business that there was another entrepreneur, who I become friends with from this. Coffee from this ice cream parlor. And I was just like venting to her. Like we really can't like we're not having any luck finding a manufacturer. And she said, hey, actually, no girl who makes handbags but I think she might know someone in footwear, and that is what finally led us to the manufacturer that we've used for the past three years. So let's talk about this move that you just glossed over taffy now where did Aren't you? you? Where'd you grow? So I grew up in New York and I grew up in New Jersey. So I did half of my life in each state. So, yeah, I've never lived outside of the country. I've never lived outside of the east coast. So what was the process of deciding, we're going to bet on this business and start it, and we're going to move to Lagos, and you're gonna continue working on it work fulltime? You do this in and try to get it off the ground..

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