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Learn from this past bad experience and now now as you move forward, you didn't. You didn't. You didn't lose, you'll learn. And so you learn from this situation and it helps you identify a better situation, the right kind of environment that set up for your personality, your skill, set your passion, and then you look for that. And even if you don't get to step into the same level of leadership, if you get in the right environ. And that's going to give you a ladder to get into that to where you are a full-time and you're the lead children's minister and a church. Then you know, that's what you do. And the chuckle in your voice when I said, what if I could give you a great experience? It was just it was a no brainer. So Alison press on this is just putting yourself out there and getting a better Turk environment, better situation, better fit for you. Let me. Let me ask you a question. I'm gonna let you go because you know what you need to. You. Don't need me to tell you anything. Am I right. I guess. I mean, just like with this opportunity I've been considering whether or not there were other options I should be doing. What is this opportunity. Well, like right now I'm working part time at a preschool and so I, it's been great, you know, getting to work with the children that went on one again, right everything. But if I wanted to take on a full time position at a preschool, I would have to Richard this fall and get a couple extra credit. So I mean that out, that's your fallback, but the only reason even enjoying the preschool thing is because you love kiddos, but your art, your calling is to love on kiddos in the church ministry context. Yeah, you know, at nine. Oh, it. So you don't get in my opinion. You don't get to shirk that until God releases you from that. Now that's between you got. And I'm not going to ever step in the middle of that deal. I don't think that you've been released from it at all, not by your answer. So work the part time gig, keep making money while you reset and you refocus on getting involved in another church and go fulltime. You need to be in children's ministry. You know it and I know and I think everybody else knows it. So that's what you need to do. Okay. And I just have a hunch. We don't. We don't need to go into this. I just got a hunt that maybe you were in a smaller church environment. It feels like a small church environment. I'm not knocking small churches. I'm just saying little things that I picked up on. Maybe you need to be a part of a bigger church and work your way up, which means you may not go in as the children's minister. You may go in a support role, but I think that's a better environment free. I'm just syncing that and again, Alison, if I'm wrong, you and I come from a Church World, we understand what we're saying. I may be wrong on that, but I think you've gotta look back into this past experience and go, what were some of the reasons why didn't go? Well, my end therein identify those and let that inform ease you walk forward. Eight, four, four,.

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