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You know, the movie the movie like with Pixar, they tell, you know, something. You will lose family. You will lose friends, you will be depressed, and then you will die. Now. Look at this talking Bundy. Big Pixar is not afraid to put hard truth out to people. And especially the kids they want the kids know what they're getting into enjoy this right now these colorful images because there's going to get harder from this point out, this Pixar, Disney is Disney, but I'm saying that this is Disney went to Pixar lo que because you know, they this this movie deals with loss. This booby deals with needing this this movie deals with abandonment issues, and they don't even try to present in a way, there's nice they try to say if you were like this. Then you probably fucking crazy. And that's. And when they went to that point. I did not expect them to go to these areas with that movie. Now, it's not as good as something like inside out. But the format of this film the way they deal with psychological issues, and this is low bit darker than something like inside out inside out, you know, the dealt with issues of depression. But I mean, this right here this like I said this gets into a moment where you have issues where you were downright creepy and you need help. And what I love about it is that it's an format that addresses truth oboe, false happy message. This like they know what I'm saying. This this move is not trying to be nice at all what is doing and that format with it's not only about them just being able to go in and deal with deep issues. What looks like a night, even a family film? But a children's film. Some deep issues in part of that also helps us movie deviate away from a formula that we usually see in a family film. You know, what you have not only a basic three extra picture of that point, eight points equal, but also the characters onto same these typical heroes..

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